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Marketing and Communications

Footer Configuration

Customize the page footer to include your contact information, social links, and reference sites.

By default, every page in the site includes a footer with university general contact information, social media links, and general references, but you can customize this to meet the needs of your site. Follow these steps to create a custom footer.

  1. Create a section named footer-config. Uncheck the "show in navigation" box for this section.
  2. Add the Footer Configuration content type to the footer-config section.
  3. In the Footer Configuration content type, enter your Site Name. This will be displayed above the contact information in the footer.
  4. Select the Site URL. The Site Name will use this as its link.
  5. Enter the address for your organization. Use Shift/Return for a single break in the address lines. Additional links can be added here in an unordered list. It should look something like this in the text editor:
    Address form screen shot
  6. Enter one, two, or three lists of reference links. The list should be preceded by an H6 header. You can switch from a paragraph to an h6 heading in the text editor by placing the cursor in the text string and entering CMD/CTRL+6. Or you can select heading 6 from the text editor's Format > Formats > Headings menu.
    List format screen shot
  7. Enter social media links for your organization.
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