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Site Map Builder

Create a list of links to pages in your site, either as an HTML structured outline, or as an XML file to be used for Google search indexing.

In the first example, the Site Map Builder content type is configured to include sections in the Web Design site, and output the results as an XML file. It's also configured to only include sections that have the "include in navigation" setting enabled, to avoid list sections such as site-config, header-name, or other special purpose sections.

The path to the XML file can be provided to Google to aid in search indexing.

Site Map Builder form set to XML output

When viewing your site map section in T4 Preview you'll see an alert message that includes a link to the XML file. That file won't actually exist on the www servers until after you've published your page, but you can copy the link from your Preview page for future reference. Here's an example of what that message will look like in T4 Preview.

T4 Preview reference to XML file path

Site Map displayed as a list

In the next example, we've set up the Site Map Builder content type as we did previously, except that we've set it to display the links as an HTML list.

Form option to set output as HTML

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