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Department ofCommunication

Course Planning

How to Complete Your Course Graduation Plan

A Step-by-Step Guide 

  1. Print out your Degree Audit: 
    • From your eCampus Student Center do the following:
    • Select “Academics” icon;
    • Click on “New Degree Audit” -- on the top left hand side of the page (this may take a few minutes to load);
    • Select “View Report as PDF” button (you will see a sign showing that it is loading in the top right hand corner – this can take a few minutes to load).

  2. Obtain a Communication course requirement checklist based upon the year you entered SCU and a Course Planning Worksheet.

  3. Fill out the requirements checklist using your transcript and degree audit.

  4. Transfer all requirements with blank boxes on the Requirements Checklist onto the Course Planning Worksheet for the quarters you have remaining at SCU.
    • Use tentative course schedules to anticipate which quarter courses will likely be offered.  Go to the Office of the Registrar page to locate the links for the tentative schedules for the current academic year. 
    • Verify you will meet all prerequisites BEFORE the quarter you plan to take a particular class.  Use the SCU Bulletin (course catalog) to look up course descriptions and pre-requisites.
    • Enter placeholders for required major courses and remaining core requirements.  Options for each core and different Communication major requirements are offered every quarter, including Comm 1, 2, 12, 20, 30, 40, 110, 111, List As, List Bs, and Senior Thesis.

  5. Total the number of units.

  6. Confirm that by the time you graduate you will have completed 175 units total, of which 60 units are upper division (courses numbered 100 and above)

  7. Meet with a peer advisor, faculty advisor, or Drahmann Center advisor to have your course plan reviewed.

Resources to Answer Your Questions

Communication peer advisors can assist you in filling these out or to do an initial check after you have completed a plan. Once you have fully completed your course plan you should make an appointment with your assigned faculty advisor to review the plan. If you plan to double-major or add minors to your course plan, you should make an appointment to review it with an advisor in the Drahmann Center who is best informed to advise students across majors and Schools.

Many online resources are available throughout the Communication Advising and Resources site, including requirement checklists and course planning sheets, listing of Communication courses that count for core requirements, scheduling tips, and links to different University resources that you can use to help you formulate your graduation plan.