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Department ofCommunication

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Communication Department Office located?

The Communication Department Office is located on the second floor of the Arts & Sciences building in room 229.

How do I declare a Communication major or minor?

To declare Communication as your major, you must attend a New Major Meeting. Meetings are offered 2-3 times per regular academic year quarter. To get upcoming dates for the next New Major Meeting offerings, please contact the Communication Department.

How does the Communication Department communicate important messages and information to declared majors?

The Communication stays in close contact with declared majors via their SCU email account. Please check your SCU email account regularly to stay informed of important announcements, opportunities, and deadlines.

What classes do I need to graduate?

Please visit the Majors & Minors page for the respective course information to fulfill graduation requirements.

How do I locate contact information for a Communication Department professor?

Please visit the Faculty & Staff page for email and phone contact information. If you are looking for office hours, they are posted on the corkboard outside of the Communication Department.

If a course offered through the Communication Department is full, how do I get on a waiting list?

When a course is closed during registration, please add your name to the waitlist through eCampus/CourseAvail. Waitlists are based on graduation need, unity seniority, and Senior Thesis/Capstone requirements. Communication majors have highest priority on the waitlists.

Where do I get forms for changing my major, petitioning to graduate, etc.?

Forms are kept in the Communication Department Office. They can also be picked up in Student Records, located in the Schott Admissions & Enrollment Building.

How can I get a copy of my requirements checklist/degree audit?

Log-in to eCampus to view your most current degree audit.

How do I go about changing my advisor?

Visit the Communication Department Office to complete the necessary paperwork to have your advisor officially changed.

How do I join the Communication Honor Society?

Please go to the Communication Honor Society page to learn about membership criteria and the process for obtaining membership.

How do I petition to graduate?

Pick up a Petition to Graduate form from the Communication Department Office. Upon completion, office staff will prepare a pre-graduation evaluation, have it signed by the Department Chair, and notify you to pick it up and take it to Student Records.

Petitions generally follow the due dates below but can vary year to year. The Communication Department emails seniors regarding important graduation deadlines.

  • the end of of the 3rd week of the fall quarter for degrees to be conferred in December

  • the end of of the 3rd week of the winter quarter for degrees to be conferred in March

  • the end of of the 7th week of the winter quarter for degrees to be conferred in June

  • the end of of the 3rd week of the spring quarter for degrees to be conferred in September

What are the prerequisites for upper-division Communication courses?

Upper-division Communication courses vary in their prerequisites. Please see the course descriptions page and/or CourseAvail for more information regarding prerequisites.

Do any Communication courses fulfill Core Curriculum requirements?

Yes, there are a number of Communication courses that fulfill the Core curriculum and Pathway requirements. Please see the course descriptions page and/or CourseAvail for more information.

Does the Communication Department offer internship assistance for majors?

Not only does the Communication Department encourage internships for our majors. For information regarding internships, contact Professor Michael Whalen, Communication Department Chair.

If an instructor tells me to pick something up in "student pick-up" where do I find it?

Visit the Communication Department Office and look for your item in the student pick-up mailbox.

If you have any more questions, you can contact the Communication Department by email, phone, fax, or send postal mail: