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Psychology Courses that Count for Core

Easy Guide to Psychology Classes that Fulfill University Requirements



PSYC 114: Ethics in Psychology

Civic Engagement
PSYC 155: Psychology & Law

PSYC 182: Psychology of Gender
PSYC 196: Psychology of Aging

Natural Science
PSYC 65: Foundations of Behavioral Neuroscience

Social Science
PSYC 1: General Psychology I
PSYC 2: General Psychology II

Religion, Theology & Culture II
PSYC 193: Psychology of Religion and Spirituality

Science, Technology and Society
PSYC 50: Ways of Knowing



Experiential Learning for Social Justice
PSYC 115EL: Abnormal Psychology
PSYC 185 EL: Developmental Psychology
PSYC 196: Psychology of Aging



Children, Family & Society
PSYC 134: Psychology of Education
PSYC 172: Adolescent Development
PSYC 182: Psychology of Gender
PSYC 185/185EL: Developmental Psychology

Global Health
PSYC 117: Health Psychology
PSYC 167: Psychopharmacology

Public Policy
PSYC 150: Social Psychology

Values in Science & Technology
PSYC 43: Research Methods in Psychology
PSYC 120: Perception
PSYC 130: Learning
PSYC 131: Cognitive Psychology