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Department ofComputer Engineering

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board of the Computer Engineering Department meets twice each year to provide input on academics, research, administration, outreach, advocacy, and development. The Board reviews the graduate and undergraduate curriculum and degree programs, program educational objectives, and program outcomes, and offers suggestions for change to keep them current. The Board evaluates the quality and scope of our research, its relationship to our programs, its relevancy and helps guide future directions. The Board recommends ways to build new relationships with industry and to strengthen those we have. The current members of the Advisory Board are:

Gordon Stittimage

Gordon Stitt

President and Chief Executive Officer of Extreme Networks

Victoria Colemanimage

Victoria Coleman

Senior Fellow at the Potomac Institute for Policy Studies

Phil Zimmermannimage

Phil Zimmermann

Creator of Pretty Good Privacy (PGP)

Wesley Higakiimage

Wesley Higaki

Director of the Software Assurance for Symantec Corporation

Dan O'Neillimage

Dan O'Neill

Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Trusonic, Inc.

Jeff Krenekimage

Jeff Krenek

Senior Consultant at Hewlett-Packard

Patrick Manteyimage

Patrick Mantey

Jack Baskin Professor of Computer Engineering at UC Santa Cruz

Karim Mahrousimage

Karim Mahrous

member of the Systems Modeling group at Sandia National Laboratory

Carol Reileyimage

Carol Reiley

Roboticist; Co-founder and President of

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Administrative Assistant: Pam Lin

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