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Department ofCivil, Environmental and Sustainable Engineering

Construction Management Minor

The Construction Management Minor program is available for all campus students who want to develop their knowledge and skills to pursue management careers in the construction industry.

Students with Construction Manager at the SCDI construction site 2019.

Construction Engineering and Management (CEM) is a diverse study field that deals with implementing the design documents of infrastructure and building projects and delivering these facilities with the right quality, within an acceptable budget and schedule, and through safe means of fabrication and installation. Construction engineers use their engineering technical knowledge and problem solving skills to plan and execute safe and efficient construction operations. Construction managers use technical and management principles to develop feasibility studies, construction schedules, budgets, and safety plans to achieve the sustainable life cycle goals of the facility owners.

Admission to the minor requires sophomore status, with a cumulative grade point average of 2.70 or higher. All courses counting toward the minor must be taken on a letter-grade basis and must be completed with an overall grade point average of at least 2.0.

Requirements for the Minor in Construction Management

All undergraduates are eligible to apply for the Construction Management minor. Students intending to earn this minor must seek advice from the Civil, Environmental, and Sustainable Engineering (CESE) Department.


The students must take all the required courses, and 6 units from the list of elective courses. The required and elective courses must add up to at least 22 units. Students may double-dip up to 14 units of coursework to concurrently satisfy a Major degree or university core requirements.



  1. CENG 7 – Graphic Communication (3 units)* 
  2. CENG 7L – Graphic Communication Lab (1 units)* 
  3. CENG 45 – Construction Materials (2 units) ⁑
  4. CENG 45L – Construction Materials Lab (1 units) ⁑
  5. CENG 118 – Introduction to Construction Management (3 units)
  6. CENG 185 – Cost Estimation (3 units)
  7. CENG 186 – Project Planning and Control (3 units)

* Mechanical engineering students can satisfy the CENG 7 & 7L requirement with MECH 10 & 10L or MECH 10L & 194.

⁑ Civil engineering majors can satisfy the CENG 45 & 45L requirement with CENG 115 & 115L.

  1. CENG 119 – Design for Sustainable Construction (3 units)
  2. CENG 182 – Introduction to Building Information Modeling (3 units)
  3. CENG 183 – Building Systems (3 units)
  4. CENG 184 – Construction Project Delivery (3 units)
  5. CENG 187 – Heavy Construction (3 units)
  6. CENG 188 – Co-op Education
  7. CENG 189 – Co-op Technical Report
  8. FNCE 118 – Real Estate Principles
  9. FNCE 129 – Real Estate Development
  10. ENVS 128 – Urban & Environmental Planning

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