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Faculty Research Grants

A sampling of some of our latest faculty grants:

Chris Kitts (mechanical engineering) received two grants, totaling $65,000, from Intel Corporation to support his "Implementation of Product and Technology Prototyping" for which students from the Robotic Systems Laboratory (RSL) will work with Intel personnel to prototype and implement a variety of new devices of interest to Intel product and technology development teams; and "Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Autopilot Development" projects where RSL students will work collaboratively with Intel personnel to develop an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle autopilot capability that exploits the new Intel Curie processor. 

Hisham Said (civil engineering) received a $29,880 contract from ELECTRI International to support his project, "Identifying BIM Related Costs Due to Changes." The contract will involve studying the impacts of ill-managed design changes on the cost performance of developing reliable building information models (BIM) of electrical construction, and performing BIM-related tasks of engineering, automated jobsite layout, and prefabrication.


Christopher Kitts and graduate student Ashish Nair (computer engineering), with Nam Ling (computer engineering), received an equipment grant from NVIDIA to support a project involving the development of a novel 360-degree field of view panoramic 3D imaging and localization system. The system will exploit the GPU capabilities on NVIDIA embedded processing hardware to prototype a high-performance, low-cost robotic vision system.

Sarah Kate Wilson received $11,609 in additional sub-award funding from Memorial University of Newfoundland (funds originated from Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency) to provide continued support for her "OmOptics - Signal Processing for Optical OFDM" project.

Sally Wood (electrical engineering) received a $35,002 research grant from SA Photonics for “Low-Latency Embedded Vision Processor.” The proposed work includes analysis and selection of appropriate image processing algorithms to efficiently and effectively perform image fusion, sensor preprocessing, and micro-display preprocessing.


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