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Spring/Summer 2019

Making Missions Possible

Part of our strategic plan is to improve the ways we communicate the merit of the Library to our users, supporters, and friends. To accomplish this, we had to dig deep to define our values and the unique advantages that we provide to students and the broader community. We are proud to announce the SCU Library’s new slogan and its supporting logo:

Mission Possible logo 

The Mission Possible slogan recalls Santa Clara’s Mission past, but through our research and technology we’re always looking toward the future. Science, engineering, and business savvy meet art, ethics, and humanities in the Library. A well-timed tip from a librarian will give you a boost to search for what’s over the horizon. We strive to provide a space where everyone feels welcome and inspired to work towards their goals— from acing a final paper to shooting for the moon.

We hope you like our new look! If you have any comments or suggestions, please email us 

 Glass pyramid


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