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Letter from the President

On behalf of the Santa Clara University Alumni Association Board of Directors, Happy New Year! 

This past October, I had the pleasure of attending both the Gianera Society Luncheon and celebrating my 10-year reunion during the Alumni Association’s Grand Reunion Weekend. 

The Gianera Society welcomes alumni whose class graduated from Santa Clara 50+ years ago, and it was remarkable to listen to the conversations and witness the passion these alumni have for pursuing a lifelong relationship with SCU and with each other.

At my own class celebration, I felt instant joy  as I reconnected with friends I met during my first days on campus on 5th floor Dunne. I was heartened by  my  conversations with fellow former student government members, which picked up easily as if no time had passed. And I delighted in the nostalgia of being back in the Mission Gardens. My experience during Grand Reunion sparked a deeper level of commitment to the important work of our Alumni Board of Directors and a stronger sense of appreciation for Santa Clara’s role in my life.

Our Board of Directors remains dedicated to supporting the Alumni Association’s mission, with this year’s working groups focused on improving our internal processes and overall alumni engagement:

  • Nominations: Board of Directors Nominations are open for 2024. We’re looking for enthusiastic volunteers to shape the Santa Clara alumni experience. Please encourage Broncos in your network to submit a nomination by Friday, Jan. 26.

  • Strategic Plan: The Strategic Plan Committee is busy analyzing/synthesizing survey data and,as the voice of our alumni, providing feedback to shape the first iterations of the Alumni Association’s new Strategic Plan.

  • Career and Workplace: Through the Bronco Business Registry, Bronco Exchange, and collaboration with the Career Center, this group is developing opportunities to increase professional alumni engagement.

  • Revenue Generation: Several board members are working with office staff to identify creative revenue streams to supplement the annual Alumni Relations operating budget.

  • Board Effectiveness: This committee is focused on identifying thought-provoking meeting speakers, evaluating potential ex-officio roles, and helping improve the overall Board member experience.

As you enter 2024, I challenge you to think—how can Santa Clara fit into the plans, goals, or dreams you have for the year ahead?  

Want to take your alumni involvement to the next level? Apply for the Alumni Board of Directors, or inquire about chapter or group leadership? 

Looking to give back professionally? Take a moment to post on Bronco Exchange and help a current student or fellow alum with their next career move.

Haven’t connected with SCU in a while? Maybe this is the year you attend your Reunion or stop by a local event in your area.

Each of us has different experiences and memories of our time at SCU. As alumni we have varied interests, time, and capacities for engagement. But, that is the beauty of our community and of what we do as an Alumni Association. We aim to meet you where you are, providing a variety of opportunities to connect with SCU and the many amazing Broncos you’ve met through your life. Whether you are already an active member of our alumni community or just returning to the fold, I encourage you to take a bold step this year: connect with us more deeply. I promise it will be worth it. We are blessed to have a truly vibrant Bronco family and your involvement will make it shine brighter.  

Wishing you a wonderful year ahead, and as always—it’s a great day to be a Bronco!


Jenna Saso Rosati ’13
National President
Santa Clara University Alumni Association

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