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Education and Research

Lisa S. Cahill ’70, theologian; author, Global Justice, Christology and Christian Ethics

Frank Cepollina ’59, inventor (in-orbit satellite pioneer), National Inventors Hall of Fame; deputy associate director, NASA's Hubble Space Telescope Development Project, received NASA's Exceptional Achievement Award

Robert Freitas J.D. ’78, nanotechnology pioneer; author

Jay Helman ’74, former president, Western State Colorado University

Sharon Kugler ’81, first female chaplain, Yale University

Noelle Lopez ’09, recipient, Rhodes Scholarship; first female SCU Rhodes Scholar

Patricia A. O'Hara ’71, faculty member and former dean, Notre Dame Law School

Tina Panontin ’83, chief engineer, NASA Ames Research Center

Vincent Price ’79, Ph.D., president, Duke University; former provost, University of Pennsylvania; former editor-in-chief, Public Opinion Quarterly