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Public Service

Everett Alvarez ’60, former deputy director, Peace Corps; former deputy administrator, Veterans Administration; chair, VA CARES Commission; author; recipient, Lone Sailor Award; member, Vietnam War Commemoration Advisory Council

Elizabeth Birch ’85, former executive director, The Human Rights Campaign; former worldwide director of litigation, Apple Inc.

Edmund "Jerry" G. Brown, Jr. ’59, governor, California (fourth term, longest serving governor in California history); former attorney general, California;  former mayor, Oakland

Samuel Conti ’45, former judge, U.S. District Court

Robert D. Durham ’72, former associate justice, Oregon Supreme Court; former judge, Oregon Court of Appeals

Mike Espy J.D. ’78, former U.S. secretary of agriculture; former member of Congress, Mississippi

Ron Flynn ’65, former brigadier general, U.S. Army

Jim Garrison ’73, founder and president, Ubiquity University; co-founder,  State of the World Forum; author

Joanne Hayes-White ’86, fire chief, San Francisco, first female fire chief of a major metropolitan city

Marty Jenkins ’77, justice, First District Court of Appeals; former judge, U.S. District Court

Keith Kellogg ’66, executive secretary and chief of staff, U.S. National Security Council; former chief operating officer, Coalition Provisional Authority; former lieutenant general, US Army; recipient, Department of Defense Medal for Distinguished Public Service

Robert J. Lagomarsino ’53, former representative, U.S. Congress, California

Paul Laxalt ’44, former governor and senator, Nevada

William Lenaers ’69, former brigadier general, U.S. Army

Zoe Lofgren ’75, representative, U.S. Congress, California

Tom McEnery ’67, M.A. ’70, former vice chairman, San Jose Sharks; former mayor, San Jose; author

Bob Miller ’67, former governor, Nevada

Frank Murkowski ’55, former governor and senator, Alaska

Dee Dee Myers ’83, former White House press secretary, Clinton Administration; author, New York Times' Bestseller Why Women Should Rule the World; political analyst and commentator, CNBC; contributing editor, Vanity Fair

Janet Napolitano ’79, president, University of California System, former secretary of Homeland Security, Obama Administration; former governor, Arizona; former attorney general, Arizona

Gavin Newsom ’89, lieutenant governor, California; former mayor, San Francisco

Edward A. Panelli ’53 J.D. ’55, former associate justice, California Supreme Court

Leon Panetta ’60 J.D. ’63, former U.S. Secretary of Defense; former director of the CIA, Obama Administration; former White House chief of staff, Clinton Administration; representative, U.S. Congress, California; graduated from law school in '63

Mary Ann Peters ’72, CEO, Carter Center; former provost, Naval War College; member, Council on Foreign Relations and Women in International Security; former U.S. ambassador to Bangladesh; previously served on the National Security Council

Joe Peterson ’72, former lieutenant general, U.S. Army

Richard Riordan ’52, former mayor, Los Angeles; former secretary of education, California

Thomas Romig J.D. ’80, dean, Washburn University School of Law; former major general, former judge advocate general, U.S. Army

Richard Tallman ’75, judge, U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals; judge, United States Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court of Review

Anthony Williams ’73, former mayor, Washington, D.C.; former CFO, U.S. Department of Agriculture

Garrett Yee ’87, brigadier general, U.S. Army