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December 16, 2023

Woman lying on her back in a sunny meadow


In Genesis, we read that on the seventh day, God rested. St. Ignatius also took rest and renewal quite seriously, making it a norm that every Jesuit take an eight-day silent retreat every year. This provides an opportunity for a Jesuit to return to the graces of the Spiritual Exercises while finding rest and renewal.

Not everyone can fit eight days of silence into their schedule, but in the spirit of St. Ignatius, today we invite you to find some quiet time away from the hectic energy of everyday life. If you're in need of some guidance to find rest in your day, Mari Monroe ’15 shared her process in "Taking Mind-fulll to Mindful" as a Bronco Experts Series webinar.


Daily Advent Reflection: What aspect of the Sabbath can you implement into your day today?