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Chargepoint Locations on Campus

Welcome to the SCU ChargePoint Network!

With options for both employees and visitors, ChargePoint stations are a great way to recharge your electric vehicle (EV) while you are on campus. ChargePoint stations are a simple way to make sure you have a full battery before you leave campus. Check out the Campus ChargePoint Map to find the station nearest you!

Pricing Policies for Permit Holders

All ChargePoint users will be charged for electricity used to charge their vehicle.

EV owners are required to display a valid SCU permit while using the stations or be subject to a parking citation. EVs must be actively charging when parked in EV spaces. 

The policy is as follows:

Permit Holders (B, E, ELaw, C, CW, CN, & S) 

Full fee permit holders will still enjoy some free access to the chargers, however, those permit holders will incur charges after 4 hours of charging each day.

         1-4 Hours Included with permit purchase
         5+ Hours $2 per hour

Reduced Fee Permit Holders (BA, F, N, & off campus D) - Effective 10/15/14

Reduced fee permit holders will still enjoy reduced rate charging, but be advised the rate will increase when vehicles are left in the space beyond 4 hours.

          1-4 Hours $1 per hour
          5+ Hours $2 per hour

Pricing Policies for Public/Non-Permit Holders - Effective 10/1/14

Non-permit holders are always charged for access, prices vary.

          1-4 Hours $2 per hour
          5+ Hours $3 per hours


*The new policy for non-permit holders/public access will be effective October 1, 2014.

*The new policy for SCU permit holders will be effective October 15, 2014. 

If you have any questions in regard to this change, please feel free to contact Transportation Services.

Learn more about the ChargePoint program and find other places to charge your car.

Request your ChargePoint connection code

Follow these instructions on How to register for the ChargePoint program.

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