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Department ofSociology


2016 Senior Capstone

Our senior sociology majors may choose either the Research Capstone or the Applied Sociology capstone for their final course of the major. They also have the opportunity to extend their research capstone papers for inclusion in the department’s student research publication.

Applied Capstone

In 2016, eleven Sociology seniors in the applied capstone completed the following projects: followup with participants in the Fresh Lifelines for Youth program, assessment of the Washington Community, assessment of the impact of participating as a volunteer at two different nonprofit organizations, analysis of the student work in an after-school program, parent’s perspectives on student growth in an after-school program, use of data to promote a local non-profit via video, and a project providing baseline neighborhood census data for a community group. Well done!!


Research Capstone:

In the research capstone course, twelve Sociology seniors each wrote an independent research paper on a sociological topic that they had studied in the Sociology program. They used national secondary survey data supplemented with qualitative interviews they conducted with service professionals knowledgeable about their topics. Well done!!