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Congratulations to our Seniors!!!

Accomplishments, Award, and Warm Wishes

Accomplishments, Award, and Warm Wishes

This year we recognized our seniors for their vast array of accomplishments that we detail below. From our Senior Celebration to Graduation, we send the Class of 2022 on their way with many accomplishments that we detail below along with warm wishes from our Sociology Community! Highlights below from our Senior Celebration on May 10th MC’ed by Dr. Cara Chiaraluce: the 2022 Senior Celebration recognizing our amazing sociology graduating class! 

Celebratory Messages to the Class of 2022: 

I have no doubt each and everyone of you will do amazing on your future endeavors. Allow time to self-reflect on what is meaningful to you in your present and continue being your badass selves. Take care! - Maryam Khatoon

Congratulations on making it to graduation during an unusual time! Best of luck in achieving your future goals! - Bryce Nishikawa

Thank you and congrats to the Class of 2022! A huge shoutout to the sociology department for the best classes and some lifelong friends. Best of luck on your next adventures :) - Sarah Glasser

Congratulations to you all! I will cherish all the time we spent together in class and on papers and projects! Graduation is the beginning of a new life stage. Be confident and be proud! I believe everyone will achieve their whole potential and do something great in the future! - Judith Li

Congratulations to our Sociology Majors & Minors: Lindsey Moore, Taylor Czasnojc, Jade Dickson,  Diego Ardila, Maryam Khatoon, Sophia Parra, Andre Carbajal, Emma Kemper, Vanessa Vanegas,  Sarah Glasser, Keshawn Justice, Kristina Riordan, Madison Hoffman, Joseph Hart, Mika Abe, Esveide Gonzalez-Lombera, Sofia Russell, Charlotte Parque, Paulina Gonzalez-Bello, Chelsie Martinez, Eden White, Georgia Bright, Georgia Harrell, Carolyn Kuimelis, Erene Shin, Christopher Mendez, Carolina Therese Velasco, Brooke Rose, Molly Flood, Daniel Lavarte, Joshua Huizar, Gabrielle Despres, Autumn Fowler-Vogel, Cynthia Jackson, Skylar Seyffert,  and Michael Wade!

Senior Celebration: Awards and Recognition!

This year, Molly Flood, Emma Kemper, Madison Hoffman, Daniel Lavarte, Mika Abe (pictured left to right), Andre Carbajal, and Keshawn Justice (not pictured) were presented with the Witold Krassowski Award. The Krassowski Award is bestowed to students who faculty recognize as having produced an exemplary senior research paper.2022 Krassowski awardees

Celebratory Messages to the Class of 2022: 

You made it! Congratulations on this milestone and thank you for allowing us to be part of your Santa Clara journey. It has been a privilege to be with you and to learn from you. You are an incredible class and I look forward to hearing about all you will do as you go forth from this Jesuit institution. Go forth and use your talents for the service of those in need! Be in touch and know you have a community of support here in the Department of Sociology. For now, enjoy a well-deserved break and celebrate your accomplishment! - Assistant Professor Erick Berrelleza

Congratulations on your graduation and best wishes for your next adventure!!! I deeply enjoyed spending the time with you, knowing your critical thoughts in your writing, and being impressed by your thought provoking arguments in the classrooms. Hope that you will not stop exploring, thinking, and questioning. And I am sure that you will have lots and lots of successful moments in your next adventure! - Assistant Professor Di Di

Senior Celebration: Awards and Recognition!

Diego Ardila and Brooke Rose received the Sociology Alumni Award For Excellence in Community-Based Research. This award recognizes students who have done excellent applied sociological research to improve programs and society.

2022 alumni award winners


Senior Celebration: Awards and Recognition!

At our Senior Celebration, our department recognized Megan Imai, Joshua Huizar, Mika Abe, Madison Hoffman, Molly Flood, and Brooke Rose (pictured left to right) and Judith Li and Ana Martinez (not pictured) as contributing authors for the Silicon Valley Sociological Review, the Sociology department’s undergraduate research journal.

Celebratory Messages to the Class of 2022:  

Congratulations! It has been such a pleasure teaching and working with you. You have been  a really amazing cohort, supportive of one another while you have done incredible things as individuals. May you never forget the skills, passion, and care you have for the world and the people in this place. We welcome you back to O’Connor anytime–please come visit! - Professor Laura Nichols

Congratulations Class 2022! I hope you cherish all of the memories you have made at SCU, and I look forward to hearing about all the amazing things you do in the future! I hope you all take the time to celebrate your accomplishments, and are proud of all of the hard work, achievements, growth, and friendships that you have made throughout your past 4 years here at SCU.  Treasure these memories and please stay in touch! I look forward to hearing about all of your future accomplishments and experiences out in the world :) Best of luck and take care! - Dr. Cara Chiaraluce

2022 SVSR awardees


Senior Celebration: Awards and Recognition!

Madison Elaine Hoffman, Diego Andres Ardila, and Andre Joseph Carbajal were recognized for the Sociology Academic Excellence Award. This award is given to the graduating senior(s) with the highest Sociology GPA. Brooke E. Rose, Kristina Rose Riordan, and Daniel A. Lavarte were also named with Honorable Mention for this award in recognition of their excellent academic performance in Sociology. (Pictured here are Madison Hoffman, Diego Ardila, Brooke Rose, and Daniel Lavarte, left to right.)

Celebratory Messages to the Class of 2022:  

Dear Sociology Graduates Class of 2022: I wish you every success in the future.  I will give you the advice my beloved mother gave me when I graduated from college: “Always reach for the stars even when others tell you that are unattainable. All my best, Professor Alma M. Garcia

Congratulations to you, graduating seniors! What a tremendous accomplishment and stroke of sociological luck that you are graduating from college. As you find your place in the social structure, I know you will use the tools of your SCU education and the tools for social justice you have gathered here to do good, in addition to doing well. - Assistant Professor Molly King

2022 socioloagy academic excellence award

Senior Celebration: Awards and Recognition!

Alpha Kappa Delta (AKD) is the International Sociology Honor Society. AKD was founded in 1920 at the University of Southern California by Dr. Emory S. Bogardus and became affiliated with the Association of College Honor Societies (ACHS) in 1967. AKD is also affiliated with the American Sociological Association (ASA). The purpose of Alpha Kappa Delta is to seek to acknowledge and promote excellence in the scholarship in the study of sociology, the research of social problems, and such other social and intellectual activities as will lead to improvement in the human condition. Alpha Kappa Delta is a democratic, international society of scholars dedicated to the ideal of Athropon Katamannthanein Diakonesin or “to investigate humanity for the purpose of service.” This year our local chapter of Alpha Kappa Delta (AKD) International Sociology Honor Society initiated: (pictured) Anthony Ramos Flores,Brooke Rose, Madison Hoffman, Sophia Parra, (not pictured) Maryam Khatoon, Jade Dickson, Grace Leete, Sofia Basilio, Zhuyu Li, Audrey Isackson, and Ana Martinez.

2022 AKD inductees

Celebratory Messages  to the Class of 2022: 

Congratulations, I am so proud of you! I feel honored to have been a part of your journey and wish you all the best as you continue on your life’s path. - Dr. Katia Moles

I would like to thank you for trusting our department with your Santa Clara education.  Your cohort is very meritorious and your accomplishments, contributions, and achievements leave a very high legacy and expectations for others to attain.  I hope you continue to share your success with us as you excel for many years to come.  Congratulations and be well. - Professor Enrique Pumar

Congrats to the Class of 2022! You’ve accomplished so much! And the best is yet to come! You will forever be part of our SCU Sociology Community! - Department Chair Laura Robinson

Congratulations to our graduates! You have the unique opportunity to take what you have so conscientiously learned these last 4 years and adapt it to the events that are unfolding around us. I’m confident that you’ll apply your insight and perspective in ways that will elevate the community conversation and move us to a more just and healthy society. Be your awesome selves! - Dr. Shelia Yuter

Today is your day.
You're off to Great Places!
You're off and away!

You have brains in your head.
You have feet in your shoes.
You can steer yourself
any direction you choose.
You're on your own. And you know what you know.
And YOU are the person who'll decide where to go. - Dr. Seuss 

Congratulations to the Class of 2022 - Sociology Department Manager Greg Walswick