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Department ofSociology


Maddie Perna '21

Sociology inspired her to pursue a Masters of Public Health.

"My time in the Santa Clara University Sociology Department truly made my time at SCU. I came to SCU a Biology major, and soon after decided that was not the path for me. When I first stepped foot into the infamous sociology lounge, I knew it was the right direction as I was welcomed with open arms. Since that day, the classes I have taken, and the professors I have connected with have proved to me time and time again, that this is where I belong. The classes gave me a whole new perspective on a variety of issues, introduced me to new passions, expanded my knowledge on existing passions, practical research and writing experience, and a foundation that I know I will rely on for the rest of my life. The professors I have had the honor of learning from, are some of the most inspiring and knowledgeable people that truly care about my success in the class, in my potential profession, and in life. Not only did they make themselves available inside and out of the classroom, but they passed along all of their wisdom, intelligence, and guidance that I know will be the key to any success I may have in the next stages of my life. Because of this department, I am going into a program to receive a Masters of Public Health, with a specialty in Community Health, knowing I am 100% prepared and supported."

 -- Maddie Perna '21 (Sociology major, Public Health minor)