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Silicon Valley Sociological Review, Vol. 20 cover

Silicon Valley Sociological Review, Vol. 20 cover

Silicon Valley Sociological Review Published

Volume 20 of department undergraduate research journal highlights exemplary student work

The Sociology Department at Santa Clara University is proud to present, in volume 20 of the Silicon Valley Sociological Review, seven research papers written by students majoring in sociology. 

This 20th volume continues a tradition to provide students with a meaningful opportunity in professional socialization while honing their research and writing skills.

As in past years, the substantive, theoretical, methodological, and applied content of the Sociology curriculum at SCU are reflected in these papers. The articles highlight students’ ability to engage in meaningful professional work informing sociological understanding of important topics. The authors studied important social topics about individuals, interactions, and institutions. Furthermore, the authors incorporated their theoretical, substantive, and methodological training in their analyses of real-world social problems. This year’s Silicon Valley Sociological Review, as well as previous volumes, can be found on the journal’s website: