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Sociology club poster

Sociology club poster

Sociology Club is Back!

Sociology Club now a Registered Student Organization

The Sociology Club is up and running again! The club has been re-activated this quarter with the University as a Registered Student Organization (RSO). Co-chairs Kelly Lelapinyokul and Christina Nelson recruited members to be part of club leadership and helped organize a number of events throughout the Winter and Spring quarters. Many members agreed that they hoped to make more friends within the Department, create connections with Sociology professors and alumni, narrow down their specific sociological interests, and explore potential career and volunteer opportunities.

Among the events organized this Academic Year, the Club took initiative and launched a peer advising program that invited majors and minors to ask questions and plan for their upcoming course registration. With virtual opportunities to connect with classmates, the peer advising was an incredible display of care for supporting the central Academic mission of the Department. This service to the Department was also previewed with a strong show of Club members to provide information about the Sociology Department at the Preview Day for prospective students organized by the University. Along with Professor Di, the Club represented the Department with dedication and helped prospective students imagine the possibility of joining our community of sociologists on campus. To celebrate the end of the term, the Club also organized an end-of-the-year celebration for the Department and club members. The event was just one example of efforts by the Club to build community and continue to support their classmates at the end of a busy year. Kudos to the Club and to Professor Berrelleza, who served as faculty advisor, for a successful year.