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The minor in entrepreneurship provides students who may be interested in either developing a business or working in a startup with the chance to explore entrepreneurship as a career option and acquire the skills that can help them be successful. Students completing the minor will develop an understanding of the venture creation process including how to generate and develop a new business concept, apply quantitative and qualitative methods and analytical tools to identify and evaluate entrepreneurial opportunities, use data and analysis to create and evaluate a business plan, and evaluate different funding sources for a new venture. A critical element of the program is an internship working with an emerging for-profit startup or socially-beneficial organization to develop an in-depth case study of the venture and founders, formal business plan or growth plan.

The entrepreneurship minor is open to all students via an application process through the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Accepted business school students may begin the minor courses after they have completed 60 units. For students outside the business school, prerequisites for MGMT 164 should ideally be completed in the sophomore year. International students should contact the Global Engagement Office for information on internship eligibility.


Required Courses:

  • MGMT 164: Introduction to Entrepreneurship (Prerequisites:  ACTG 11*, MKTG 181.  Note:  ACTG 11* currently has a prerequisite of BUSN 70 or BUSN 170)
  • MGMT 165: Building a New Business (Prerequisite:  MGMT 164)
  • MGMT 198E:  Internship in Entrepreneurship  (Prerequisite:  MGMT 164, may be taken concurrently with MGMT 165)

Plus two courses from the following list:

  • BUSN 197: Business/Engineering Project Collaboration Practicum (teamed with Engineering students as part of the KEEN initiative, available to Leavey School of Business juniors and seniors only)
  • ECON 129:  Economic Development (Prerequisites:  ECON 1, 2, 3)
  • ECON 185:  The Economics of Innovation and Intellectual Property (Prerequisite: ECON 3, ECON 114)
  • ENVS 145:  Environmental Technology
  • ENVS 148:  Solar Revolution
  • FNCE 141:  New Venture Finance (Prerequisites:  OMIS 40, ACTG 11*, ACTG 12, FNCE 121, FNCE 124)
  • FNCE 143:  Entrepreneurial Finance (Prerequisites:  FNCE 121 and FNCE 124)
  • FNCE 170:  Business Valuation (Prerequisites:  OMIS 40, ACTG 11*, ACTG 12, FNCE 121, and FNCE 124)
  • MECH 144: Smart Product Design (Co-Requisite lab MECH 144L)
  • MGMT 172:  Social Entrepreneurship OR HNRS 120A Entrepreneurship for Social Justice
  • MGMT 177/ENGR 161 Cultures of Innovation
  • MKTG 175:  Internet Marketing (Prerequisite:  MKTG 181/S)
  • MKTG 177:  Social Media Marketing (Prerequisite: MKTG 181/S)
  • MKTG 182:  Market Analysis (Prerequisites:  OMIS 41 or ECON 42, MKTG 181/S)
  • MKTG 187:  Innovation and New Product Marketing (Prerequisite:  MKTG 181/S)
  • PHSC 157:  Social Innovation in Public Health
  • SOCI 150:   Immigrant Businesses in the United States
  • SOCI 172:  Management of Healthcare Organizations

*ACTG 11 is for business majors; ACTG 11A is available for non-business majors.

Always consult the course catalog for the latest information on all prerequisites.   

List updated 2/23/2023.


Complete the Minor in Entrepreneurship application form.  The declaration of the minor requires admission via this application process.

You will be contacted to review your application and discuss course planning.

If your application is approved, you will need to obtain the Program Petition Form (from the Office of the Registrar or the Undergraduate Business Office).  After you complete the form, leave it with the Management Department Administrative Assistant (2nd floor of Lucas Hall).

The form will be signed and you will receive an email to pick up the form.   

Return the completed and signed form in its entirety to Drahmann Center Advising


When to apply:  The application process will be rolling; however, the ideal time would be considered Fall Quarter of your Sophomore year (due to the 60 unit requirement).  Freshmen are welcome to submit an application and meet with the CIE with the understanding that they may not necessarily be admitted to the entrepreneurship minor until the Fall of their Sophomore year (or have met the 60 unit requirement) as space permits. 

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