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Teacher Education Program Faculty

Chairperson, Department of Education


Lecturer, Director of ExCEL and CatMAT Programs

John Beltramo, Ph.D.

Lecturer, Education & B-MATTC Coordinator

Kristy Cross, M.Ed.

MATTC Director and Senior Lecturer

Harold Hoyle, Ph.D.

Coordinator of Field Experience (Single Subject), Lecturer

Melina Johnson, Ed.D.

Assistant Professor, Education

Margaret M. Lucero, Ph.D.

Lecturer, Education and Intern Program Coordinator

Robert L. Michels, M.A.

Senior Lecturer/Reading Specialist, Education

M. Priscilla Myers, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Education and Bilingual Teacher Education Coordinator

Claudia Rodriguez-Mojica, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Education

Kathy Liu Sun, Ph.D.

Co-Coordinator of Field Experience/Multiple Subjects, Lecturer

Anita B. Sunseri, Ed.D.

Administrative Staff

Senior Administrative Assistant

Teresa Wagner