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Dean's Message

Dean's Message: A Century of Engineering Excellence

For 100 years, the School of Engineering at Santa Clara University has been educating the leaders and innovators of the future, imparting to its students the knowledge, skills, and vision necessary to make a difference in their communities and in the world. Founded in 1912, the first engineering laboratory was located in an old seed warehouse—a far cry from today’s facilities where students control satellites in space and research properties and materials at the nanoscale level.

In the course of a century, much has changed in the sphere of engineering and its affiliated pedagogy. Previously unimagined disciplines such as computer engineering and bioengineering have emerged to join civil, electrical, and mechanical fields as transformative forces in society. Technology-enabled global awareness pairs well with Santa Clara’s Jesuit values, and today’s engineering students pursue their studies not only in the classroom and laboratory, but also in the confines of Silicon Valley corporations and in the remote villages of those most needy.

As the School of Engineering celebrates its centennial in 2012, it is clear that two things have remained constant over the decades—a deep commitment to academic and ethical excellence and the resultant corps of exceptional Bronco engineers of integrity who depart Santa Clara primed to begin lives and careers of accomplishment for the betterment of the world. One can only imagine what the next 100 years will bring!