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Eskafi, Farokh


I've started my career after my Ph.D. at CAL as a Research Engineer working on automated cars and autonomous vehicles while teaching a course in high-speed networks. Within a couple of years, I've co-founded my first company in the area of distributed in-memory database systems focused on high volume messaging. My research interest then moved to Ultra-Wideband communications and how it can be used to track items in a warehouse, lab, or shops. that interest manifested itself in my 2nd company which later was acquired by Maxim Integrated which was interested to incorporate the technology in key fobs and remote access. In the last 6 years, I have worked on secure video technologies and how they can be used for defect-recognition in mobile devices with limited memory and processing powers. I've started teaching at SCU in 2017, focusing on Computer Architecture and Mobile App Development. Since 2019, I've also taught Data Structure. I've enjoyed teaching and the interactions with students have been rewarding.


Ph.D. in EECS from the University of California at Berkeley

Areas of Expertise

Embedded System, Mobile App Development, IoT, Computer Architecture and Distributed Processing

Courses Taught

EECS 228: High-Speed Network at UCB
CSEN 79: Data Structures
CSEN 210: Computer Architecture
CSEN 268: Mobile App Development
CSEN 283: Operating System


Mobile App Development and automatic defect detection using machine learning in mobile devices.