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He, Rachel


Ph.D, University of Wisconsin-Madison 2000
M.E., Chongqing University 1996
B.E., Chongqing University 1993

Current Research Interests

Transportation network modeling, OD demand estimation and forecasting, and Marine transportation.

Courses Taught

  • CENG 10 Surveying
  • CENG 125 Municipal Engineering
  • CENG 145 Transportation Engineering
  • CENG 149 Civil Systems Engineering
  • CENG 150/250 Traffic Engineering
  • CENG 151 Special Topics in Transportation Engineering

For a list of Civil Engineering course descriptions, visit the Undergraduate Courses page.


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  • Z. Yan, L. Cheng, R. He, and H. Yang, “Extracting ship stopping information from AIS data”, Ocean Engineering, 250, 111004, 2022.
  • Z. Yan, Y. Xiao, L. Cheng, R. He, and B. Ran, “Exploring AIS data for intelligent maritime routes extraction”, Applied Ocean Research, 101, 102271, 2020.
  • Z. Yan, Y. Xiao, L. Cheng, S. Chen, X. Zhou, X. Ruan, and R. He, “Analysis of global marine oil trade based on automatic identification system data”, Journal of Transport Geography, 83, 2020.
  • Zhang, X., He, R., Shi, Q., Ban, J., and Ran, B.(2013). "Critical Traffic Control Locations for Emergency Evacuation." ASCE Journal of Transportation Engineering,139(10), 1030–1038.
Rachel He, Civil Engineering

Associate Professor, Department of Civil, Environmental and Sustainable Engineering