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Healy, Tim


Ph.D., University of Colorado, 1966
M.S.E.E., Stanford University 1959
B.S.E.E. Seattle University, 1958


Electromagnetics and Communication


Thomas J. Bannan Professor

Courses Taught

  • Undergraduate:
    • Electromagnetics I
    • Electromagnetics II
    • RF and Microwave Components
  • Graduate:
    • Communication Signals
    • The Culture of Engineering
    • Engineering Ethics
    • Photovoltaic Systems


  • T. Healy, Communications Notes: A Set of Notes to Supplement the Text and Lectures for ELEN 241 and ELEN 242, 101 pages, Santa Clara University, 2002.

  • T. Healy, N. Quinn, The Assessment of Proposed Technologies, Annual Conference of the American Society for Engineering Education, Albuquerque, NM, June 24-27, 2001
  • T. Healy, The Role of Greed in the Development of Technologies, Fifth Annual Ethics and Technology Conference, Loyola University Chicago, Chicago, Il, July 21-22, 2000
  • T. Healy, T. Shanks, Perspectives on the Future, Fourth Annual Ethics and Technology Conference, Boston College, Boston, MA, June 4-5, 1999
  • T. Healy, Practical Ethics for the Young Professional, Annual Meeting of the American Society for Engineering Education, Seattle, Washington, June 29-July 2, 1998
Timothy Healy, Electrical Engineering

Professor of Electrical Engineering