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Lesniak, Ronald


My career started working as a hardware design engineer working for 7 years with a laboratory development team of large communications systems for General Telephone and Equipment (GTE). After receiving my MBA, I shifted focus joining International Telephone and Technology (ITT) for 2 years as a marketing manager. I joined a third significant telecommunications company, ROLM Corporation, moving to Silicon Valley with assignments in Distributor Marketing, Sales, and Sales Management, and as Marketing Director working for 5 years.  

At age 34, I and a partner became entrepreneurs, bootstrapping a start-up business and then secured angel funding for a communications manufacturing company in Silicon Valley, developing and manufacturing communications equipment for the worldwide hospitality industry. As a founder and ultimately the CEO of Teledex Corporation, the company, after 15 years achieved historic accumulated sales of nearly 1 Billion dollars selling 15 million guest room telephones installed in luxury and mid scales hotel properties in over 125 countries worldwide. We sold the company to a New York investment company in 1999. I assumed several management positions with several Silicon Valley entrepreneurial companies while I completed is studies obtaining a Doctoral Degree in Leadership and Management. 

My teaching career began at UC Berkeley where he was an Industry Fellow and Lecturer in the Center for Entrepreneurism and Technology Program teaching Entrepreneurial Leadership, Technology Entrepreneurism, and Entrepreneurial Marketing. I spent 5 years in their Engineering Management program while also working for the National Science Foundation teaching node at UC Berkeley, in their entrepreneurial programs. 

I moved to Santa Clara University and has been teaching for 6 years in the Engineering Management and the Mechanical Engineering schools. I teach Management, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Go-to-Market Strategies, Intrapreneurship and Innovation studies. 

I am married and live in Monte Sereno, California. My wife is a successful corporate attorney. We have combined 8 children and 8 grandchildren.


University of Phoenix - DM in Leadership and Organizational Management – 2006

Loyola University of Chicago - Masters in Business Administration – 1976

Marquette University - Bachelor of Science Electrical Engineering – 1970


United States Patent #7,251,321 July 31, 2007, Teledex LLC, “Crescendo Telephone Ringer”

United States Patent #D531,613 November 7, 2006, Telecex LLC,“Telephone”

United States Patent #7,130,417 October 31, 2006, Telecex LLC, “Telephone – Coupled Device for Internet Access”

United States Patent #D449,287 October 16, 2001, Teledex LLC , “Telephone with Display Screen”

United States Patent #D437,588 February, 13, 2001, Teledex LLC, “Telephone”

United States Patent #D427,174 June 27, 2000, Teledex LLC, “Telephone”

United States Patent #D426,828 June 20, 2000, Teledex LLC, “Housing for Network Access Device”

United States Patent #D426,822 June 20, 2000, Teledex LLC, “Telephone”

Courses Taught

2013 to Present – Instructor, Santa Clara University Engineering Management Graduate Engineering Program teaching: 

  • EMGT 322 - Engineering Management and Organizational Behavior, 

  • EMGT 324 - Engineering Leadership, 

  • EMGT 395 - Intrapreneurship and Innovation  

2016 to Present – Instructor, Santa Clara University Mechanical Engineering School teaching:

  • ENG 179 - Intrapreneurship - Innovation From Within

  • ENG 167 - Go-To-Market Strategies

  • Summer Lecture Series and Luncheon Program

2012 to 2017 – Instructor, UC Berkeley, Appointed as a Fellow of the Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology (CET) Program UC Berkeley Industrial Engineering and Organizational Research School teaching:

  • Organization and Management Behavior

  • Entrepreneurship 

  • Marketing 

  • Project development

2017 – Instructor and Coordinator for the UC Berkeley Sutardja Center program  for Entrepreneurship and Technology Intellectual Property in there Collider/Go-to-Market Program for IP Projects

2016 to 2017 – Instructor National Science Foundation (NSF), UC Berkeley Teaching Node teaching:

  • Entrepreneurship and Go-to-Market programs to academic research teams funded by the NSF

2016 to 2017 – Adjunct Professor, International Technological University (ITU) San Jose California in the Masters of Business Administration and Engineering Management programs teaching:

  • Entrepreneurship 

  • Organizational Behavior 

  • Intrapreneurship and Innovation

  • International Entrepreneurship

2010 – 2011 – Faculty, Chancellor University; The Jack Welch Management Institute  teaching online business-related classes at the MBA level

2009 – 2011 – Faculty, North Central University; Graduate and Doctoral Students teaching on-line business-related classes at the MBA level  

2006 – Faculty, University of Phoenix; MBA Program teaching Leadership


Adjunct Lecturer of Engineering Management and Mechanical Engineering