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Mungal, Godfrey


Professor Godfrey Mungal was born and raised in Trinidad, West Indies and received his undergraduate education in Engineering Science at the University of Toronto (B.A.Sc. 1975, Hons.) and his graduate education in Aeronautics at the California Institute of Technology (M.S. 1977, Ph.D. 1983). He also served on the faculty of the University of the West Indies from 1975-76 as a lecturer in Mathematics, and as a post-doctoral research fellow from 1983-85 at the California Institute of Technology, before joining Stanford University. He has served as director of the High Temperature Gasdynamics Laboratory from 1993-97, the Associate Chair for Student Services in Mechanical Engineering from 1997-2001, the Associate Dean for Graduate Policy from 2002-2005 and a Stanford Resident Fellow from 2001-2007. He became Professor Emeritus at Stanford University in 2007. Since September 2007 he serves as the Sobrato Professor and Dean of Engineering at Santa Clara University.

Research Interests

Professor Mungal's research efforts have covered supersonic and subsonic mixing and combustion, turbulent reacting jets in coflow and crossflow, image processing (volume rendering) of turbulent flow structure, drag reduction of bluff bodies, flame stability – liftoff and blowout, flow in microchannels, studies of drag reduction in boundary layers with injected polymers, and the use of pulsed plasmas to control flame stability. He is the author or co-author of over 200 refereed and conference papers in these areas; fourteen examples of his research photographs and results have appeared in magazines, books or textbooks. He is a member of the APS (Fellow), AIAA (Associate Fellow), ASME (Fellow), ASEE, the Combustion Institute and Tau Beta Pi (Eminent Engineer). He has served on several review panels for NIST, NSF, NASA, AFOSR and Sandia Livermore and has given several invited lectures and short courses over the world including Australia, Belgium, France, India, Italy, South Africa and Japan.


In 1982 he was awarded Cal Tech's E.E. Sechler Memorial Award for teaching and research efforts in Aeronautics. In 1989 he was awarded the Excellence in Teaching Award from Stanford's Society of Black Scientists and Engineers. In 1991 he was awarded Stanford's Tau Beta Pi award for excellence in undergraduate teaching, and the School of Engineering Distinguished Advisor Award. In 1992 he was awarded the Excellence in Teaching Award from the Stanford Society of Women Engineers, and the Faculty Education Award from the Stanford Society of Chicano/Latino Engineers and Scientists.

Notable Publications
  • M. G. Mungal & P. E. Dimotakis (1984) “Mixing and Combustion with Low Heat Release in a Turbulent Shear Layer,” J. Fluid Mech., 148, 349-382.
  • T. Poinsot, T. Echekki & M. G. Mungal (1992) “A Study of the Laminar Flame Tip and Implications for Premixed Turbulent Combustion,” Comb. Sci. & Tech., 81, 45-73.
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  • S. H. Smith & M. G. Mungal (1998) “Mixing, Structure and Scaling of the Jet in Crossflow,” J. Fluid Mech., 357, 83-122.
  • Donghee Han & M. G. Mungal (2001) “Direct Measurement of Entrainment in Reacting/Non-Reacting Turbulent Jets,” Comb. Flame, 124: 370-386.
  • L. K. Su, O. S. Sun and M. G. Mungal (2006) “Experimental Investigation of Stabilization Mechanisms in Turbulent, Lifted Jet Diffusion Flames,” Comb. Flame 144, 494–512.
  • Wookyung Kim, Hyungrok Do, M. G. Mungal & M. A. Cappelli (2006) “Plasma-Discharge Stabilization of Jet Diffusion Flames,” IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science, 34 (6), December 2006, 2545-2551
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  • Hyungrok Do, Mark A. Cappelli & M. G. Mungal (2010) “Plasma assisted cavity flame ignition in supersonic flows,” Comb. Flame, 157, 1783-1794
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  • M. Gamba & M. G. Mungal (2015) “Ignition, Flame Structure and Near-Wall burning in Transverse Hydrogen Jets in Supersonic Crossflow,” J. Fluid Mechanics, Vol 780, 226-273
Godfrey Mungal, School of Engineering Dean

Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Sobrato Professor of Mechanical Engineering



Ph.D., California Institute of Technology - Aeronautics, 1983

M.S., California Institute of Technology - Aeronautics, 1977

B.S., University of Toronto - Engineering Science, 1975