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Rahman, Mahmud


Dr. Eng., Tokyo Institute of Technology, 1984
M. Eng., Tokyo Institute of Technology, 1981
BSEE, University of Engineering and Technology, Dhaka, Bangladesh, 1969




  • RAHMAN, Mahmud with Ayhan A. Mutlu, Norman G. Gunther, "Analysis of Two-dimensional Effects on Subthreshold Current in Submicron MOS Transistors," Solid State Electronics, Vol. 46, Issue 8, Pergamon, August 2002, pp. 1133-1137.
  • RAHMAN, Mahmud with Zemo Yang and Samiha Mourad, "Signal Integrity and Design Consideration of an MCM for Video Graphic Acceleration," IEEE Trans. on Advanced Packaging, Vol. 24, No. 3, August 2001, pp 309-316.
  • RAHMAN, Mahmud with Norman G. Gunther, Ayhan A. Mutlu, "A Quantum-mechanically Corrected Variational Principle for MOS Devices, Leading to a Deep Sub-0.1 micron MOS Capacitor Model," to be published in Journal of Applied Physics.
  • RAHMAN, Mahmud with Yuri Glukhoy, Gotze Popov, Alexander Usenko, and Hans J. Walitzki, "Characterization of a High Density Plasma Immersion Ion Implanter with Scalable ECR Large Area Plasma Source" to be published in Surface and Coatings Technology.
  • RAHMAN, Mahmud with N. G. Gunther, and A. A. Mutlu, in Conf. Dig. 61st Device Research Conference, June 23-25, 2002, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah (IEEE, Piscataway, NJ, 2002), pp. 53-54.
Electrical Engineering's Electron Devices Laboratory PhD students and graduates, seated, from left: Constant Bossou, S.J., Abdus Sattar, Mark Barycza; standing: Krunal Patel, Norman Gunther, John Rose Santiago, S.J.Image link to full article
A Decade of Electron Device Development

For the past ten years, the Department of Electrical Engineering’s Electron Devices Laboratory (EDL) has advanced research in the areas of electronic devices, materials, and their manufacturing technologies, conferring ten Ph.D. degrees along the way.

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Associate Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering