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Schaffer, Bob


Dr. Bob Schaffer earned his PhD in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University in 2009. While at Stanford, he won numerous awards for his teaching and community service. Bob is currently an AYAL supporting the ENGR and ELEN departments with expertise/experience/interest in signal processing and Engineering Education. Bob’s research (through SRI International) has focused on radar, communications, and acoustic-based projects. In his spare time, he runs a non-profit (Elevate Tutoring) where he trains underprivileged college students to be high-quality math and science tutors. While researcher, founder, tutor trainer, and professor all fit well, father is his favorite title to date and he thoroughly enjoys helping raise his daughters, Zara and Senya.


PhD, Electrical Engineering - Stanford

MS, Electrical Engineering - Stanford

BS, Electrical and Computer Engineering - George Mason University


  • Stanford: “Lifetime-Achievement” Graduate Student Recognition Award (2005)
  • Gerald Lieberman Fellowship winner (2002)
  • Graduate Student Recognition Award (2002)
  • Graduate Student Service Award (2000)
  • Centennial TA Award (1999)
  • EE TA Award (1998)
  • George Mason University: Chairman’s Award for Academic Excellence (1995)

Courses Taught

  • ELEN233/COEN201
  • ELEN234/COEN202
  • ELEN133/233E/COEN201E
  • ENGR111
  • ENGR1
  • ELEN21/COEN21
  • ELEN241
  • ELEN243


  • Radar
  • Communications
  • Engineering Education
Robert Schaffer