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Past Projects

2019 - 2020 Projects:

Advisor: Maryam Khanbaghi
Students: Somya Bellam and Johann Espinosa

Advisor: Maryam Khanbaghi (Electrical Engineering)
Students: Isaac Marcia and Sowmya Bellam

Advisor: Behnam Dezfouli (Computer Engineering)
Students: Cyrus Miremadi, Zac Wilson and Jay Seth

2018 Projects

Advisor: Professor Behnam Dezfouli
Students: Salma Abdel Magid, Francesco Giuseppe Petrini
Advisor: Professor Hisham Said
Students: Linzhi Li, Xiaopu Cheng
Advisor: Professor Maryam Khanbaghi
Students: Ramin Vafadary, Frank Cannizzaro
  • NanoGrid

    Energy sustainability and the aging grid infrastructure in the United States are two important subjects at the crossroads between politics, economics and technology. One proposed solution to these two issues revolves around the concept of an islanded microgrid which we named the NanoGrid.