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Awards – We’ve Got Awards!

An alumnus elected to the National Academy of Engineering and a student selected as a Fulbright Scholar?!? Here’s the good news.

Hemant Thapar ’73 MS ’75, a pioneer in circuit-switched networking, data communications, and data storage, has been elected to the National Academy of Engineering. Its leaders cited Thapar’s contributions to the “theory and practice of coding and signal processing for high-density magnetic recording.” His groundbreaking research in data storage and retrieval was immediately adopted by industry and formed the foundation for follow-on work in the field of magnetic storage at universities and research laboratories. Read more


James Wang ’19 (electrical engineering and environmental sciences), has won a Fulbright Scholarship to research “hybrid-supercapacitors” —a new form of energy storage with potential benefits for renewable energy—in Paris, France. Wang spent his SCU years developing and exploring his passion for the environment while honing his engineering talent towards sustainable endeavors. He hopes to combine the two to develop technologies to combat climate change and create sustainable and reliable energy, water, and food solutions for people in developing nations. Read more.

James Wang

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