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Santa Clara Adult Education

Cash Calculator (ENGR 110, Spring 2011)

Students: Sean Arakaki, Lauren Furumoto, Kristen Muramoto

Advisor: Shoba Krishnan

Students developed an iPhone application for use by individuals with learning disabilities to help with money transactions. The Cash Calculator serves two functions: to count money and to calculate change for a purchase.  The application contains images to help users count money in their wallet and to figure out how to pay their bill, and also includes a help button – that shows an instructional video or to makes a phone call to ask someone for help.  In designing this application for the iPhone, the students had to learn Xcode and Objective –C. They also had to learn which connections to make between the code and the buttons on the phone. The students learned a lot, but also came up with better ideas of how to do things as they went along.  Given the learning curve, they realized the project scope was likely too large to complete in a single quarter.