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  • Dean's Message, Spring 2024

    The academic year is coming to an end, and as it seems to be the trend, it has approached way too fast! Newly admitted students have come out to catch a glimpse of campus life for next year, during Preview Day. The campus recently celebrated another successful Day of Giving; A heartfelt thank you to everyone who generously donated to help ensure that we continue to ‘Engineer with a Mission!’ Our seniors are ready for their Senior Design Conference presentations, and we all eagerly await the end-of-the-year events and celebrations.

  • A Legacy of Passion: Dr. Tonya Nilsson's Journey at SCU

    Dr. Tonya Nilsson, senior lecturer and vice chair for the Civil, Environmental and Sustainable Engineering Department, began her journey at Santa Clara University (SCU) in 2010, driven by a twist of fate. Having previously held a tenured position within the California State University (CSU) system, Dr. Nilsson transitioned to SCU to find a new home in its vibrant academic community.

  • Empowering Diversity: Dr. Ruth Davis's Impact on Engineering at Santa Clara University

    Dr. Ruth Davis, Engineering’s Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies and Professor in Computer Science and Engineering, emerges as a luminary in the field of engineering education, her dedication to inclusivity, innovation, and academic excellence reshaping the foundations of Santa Clara University’s School of Engineering. As Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies, her 21-year tenure epitomizes an unwavering commitment to diversity, inclusion, and educational innovation, heralding a transformative era in the institution's engineering curriculum.

  • Dean Elaine Scott's Impactful Tenure

    At the end of its 112th year, the School of Engineering will say a somber farewell to its very first woman leader, Dean Elaine Scott, as she steps down from her role as dean and takes her first-ever, much-deserved, sabbatical on her way to retirement. During her five-year tenure, the School was able to survive through a time of uncertainty, growing along the way in the number of students, faculty, donations, programs, and research funds. Under her leadership, the School was recognized as a leader in inclusivity, contributing to increased diversity and growth in the School’s student body and faculty.

  • A Lifetime of Dedication: Yohannes Kahsai's Story at Santa Clara University

    In February 1986, Yohannes Kahsai, Lab Manager for the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, embarked on a journey spanning an extraordinary 38 years at Santa Clara University. Now, at the age of 84, Yohannes is retiring from his role to dedicate time to his family and pursue his passions. Throughout his time at SCU, Yohannes became known for his unwavering dedication, embodying a wealth of institutional wisdom, and demonstrating a consistent dedication to his role within the School of Engineering.

  • Enhancing SDN Efficiency: Introducing quicSDN for Improved Southbound Communication

    As the diversity and quantity of devices connected to the Internet expand, the complexity of monitoring and configuring networks correspondingly escalates. In response to these burgeoning challenges, Software-defined Networking (SDN) has been deployed as a paradigm shift to imbue networks with centralized intelligence through the utilization of controllers. These controllers are tasked with the surveillance and administration of networking appliances, including but not limited to routers. While this architecture offers significant potential for evolving network management, it is crucial to address existing limitations such as the latency and communication overhead in the interactions between controllers and network appliances, known as southbound communication. Enhancing southbound communication is essential for developing dynamic, intelligent methodologies for managing next-generation networks.

  • Did You Know?

    Mechanical engineering offers diverse career paths across industries such as aerospace, automotive, biomedical, construction, energy, environmental engineering, manufacturing, metallurgical, materials, and robotics. In aerospace, they work on aircraft and spacecraft design. Meanwhile, in the automotive sector, engineers design vehicles and oversee production. Biomedical engineers develop medical devices, while construction engineers focus on building design (especially HVAC systems).

  • Edison Yang

    Edison Yang, the first graduate of the Aerospace Engineering Program at Santa Clara University, embarked on a journey fueled by a childhood fascination with science and aerospace. Inspired by his parents’ positive experiences at SCU, he pursued his passion for control systems within the aerospace industry.

  • AIAA Conference

    The student chapter of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) at Santa Clara University successfully held the AIAA Region VI Student Conference on March 23-24. The event drew approximately 200 participants, with a focus on student research presentations, and served as a celebration of knowledge for the next generation of leaders in the aerospace industry. The conference also featured insights from ten esteemed speakers from across the industry, fostering discussions about how future engineers will work to advance these industries to new heights.

  • Cosmic Odyssey: Kamak Ebadi's Virtual Journey to the Red Planet

    Santa Clara University (SCU) Alumnus, Kamak Ebadi, Ph.D. '20, embarked on his journey to work for NASA fueled by a powerful dream. Born during the 8-year-long Iran-Iraq war and raised in a country slowly recovering from its devastation, Kamak faced immense challenges. With Iran lacking diplomatic ties with the U.S. and financial obstacles making the idea of moving to the U.S. seem impossible, Kamak's dream of joining NASA appeared out of reach. However, undeterred by adversity, Kamak dared to dream big and set his sights on reaching for the stars.

  • See the Campus Through Native Eyes: The Launch of the Thámien Ohlone Augmented Reality Tour

    On May 4, 2024, a collaborative group of Santa Clara University faculty, students, and members of the Muwekma Ohlone Tribe unveiled the public launch of the Thámien Ohlone Augmented Reality Tour at the university's annual Pow Wow, gathering of Native Americans from across the region. This innovative tour offers an immersive experience, enabling visitors to explore the historical campus through the lens of the Ohlone people. Using augmented reality technology, the tour reveals hidden aspects of the site's history, sparks critical reflection, and fosters a vision of just future relations.

  • Dean's Message, Fall 2023

    This Fall, we delightedly welcomed the class of 2027 and four new tenure track faculty members, along with our returning students, faculty, and staff. We also had the pleasure of hosting over 160 engineering alumni/ae and their guests at Grand Bash 2023: A Season of Gratitude. I am thankful for all who attended and made the night truly remarkable.

  • Welcome New Faculty

    The School of Engineering is delighted to introduce four new tenure track faculty members joining our community of scholars this year. Their dedication to teaching and their extensive research expertise promise to inspire our students and enrich our programs.

  • Engineering and the Good Life

    In the constantly shifting landscape of technology and innovation, engineers emerge as the visionary creators of the future. With that much responsibility, there is a need for engineers to not only possess the technical competence to create this evolving landscape but also the necessary resources to create it ethically. Championed by the School of Engineering’s Director of Ethics Programs and Initiatives, Dr. Matthew Gaudet, the "Engineering and the Good Life" program addresses this need.

  • Alumni Profile: Jocelyn Tan ’15

    Jocelyn Tan is currently on the board of the Technology Ethics Council at SCU's Markkula Center of Ethics. She is also the founder of Sisu VR, a company focused on workplace misconduct and safety response training using virtual reality.

  • Decorative graphic with graphs.
    2022-23 In Numbers

    Facts and figures for the 2022-23 academic year enrollment for Engineering Undergraduate Programs and Engineering Graduate Programs.

  • Transforming Power Systems for a Sustainable Future

    Dr. Maryam Khanbaghi, an associate professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and director of the Power Systems and Sustainable Energy Program, has been awarded the highly prestigious National Science Foundation (NSF) CAREER award for her effort to combat climate challenges by revolutionizing power systems.

  • New Ph.D. in Bioengineering

    To keep up with the increasing demand from students and industry, the School of Engineering has launched a new Ph.D. degree program in Bioengineering and is now accepting applications! The School established this program to further enhance the academic quality and reputation of the department while taking a significant stride in furthering its research. 

  • Did You Know?

    Civil engineering encompasses a wide range of subfields, including Geotechnical Engineering, Water Resource Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Structural Engineering, Transportation Engineering, and Construction Engineering and Management, all emphasizing sustainable design choices. Bioengineering offers a diverse spectrum of specialized fields, including biomedical device engineering, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, medical imaging, biomechanics and biomaterials, and Bio AI, all contributing to advancements in healthcare and human well-being.

  • Kairan Quazi's Remarkable Journey: From Early Learner to Starlink Engineer

    While most kids at the age of 14 are spending their summer vacation going to the beach, hanging out with their friends, or attending summer school, Kairan Quazi is starting his first job as an engineer for Space X’s Starlink just one month after graduating with his Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Santa Clara University (SCU). Kairan's journey into computer science and engineering began at a young age, excelling in the subject and completing his school's computer science curriculum up to the 8th grade level by the time he was in 2nd grade. Throughout his accelerated academic career he has faced challenges, but with the support of his family and friends, he has officially become Santa Clara’s youngest graduate.

  • Enriching Diversity: Exploring the Engineering Journey with Hispanic Students at Santa Clara University

    Meet Eduardo Noyola, Cinthya Jauregui, and Gerardo Aguayo Quezada - three engineering students whose Hispanic heritage has influenced their paths in both engineering and life. In this interview, we delve into the experiences and motivations of these talented individuals as they share their unique perspectives on engineering, problem-solving, and the advice they offer to fellow Hispanic students aspiring to pursue careers in this dynamic field.

  • Presidenta Sullivan expande sus compromisos para apoyar estudiantes subrepresentados

    En una carta que envió la Presidenta Sullivan a principios de este año, ella informo a la comunidad sobre los compromisos que está asumiendo la Universidad de Santa Clara para "fortalecer la comunidad de nuestros estudiantes de color, y aumentar significativamente el número de estudiantes de bajos ingresos y de grupos subrepresentados que asisten a Santa Clara." A continuación se presentan dos de las formas en que la Universidad se compromete a apoyar sus esfuerzos como Institución al Servicio de Hispanos (HSI, por sus siglas en inglés).

  • Introducing Ingenium: SCU’s First-Ever Ph.D. Student Org

    The School of Engineering is delighted to introduce the first-ever Ph.D. student organization on campus: Ingenium Ph.D. Club. The organization was established on Dec. 5, 2022, by a group of passionate Ph.D. students who wanted a space to connect, collaborate, and support one another in their academic pursuits.

  • The Essential Role of Student Organizations

    With a total of 25 student organizations in the School of Engineering alone, it’s evident that these groups are an essential part of university life, playing a crucial role in shaping the overall college experience for students. Student organizations offer students opportunities to explore and pursue their interests beyond the classroom and connect with like-minded people.

  • The Importance of Teaching Excellence

    Every year, Santa Clara University and the School of Engineering recognize faculty who have made significant strides in teaching excellence and curriculum innovation. Faculty who meet these accomplishments may be honored with the School of Engineering Teaching Excellence Award, the University’s Brutocao Award for Teaching Excellence, or the Brutocao Award for Curriculum Innovation. These accolades are crucial in recognizing our faculty's efforts to explore innovative teaching methodologies, which ultimately result in improved learning outcomes for our students. These best practices elevate the standard of education throughout the School of Engineering, promoting a culture of excellence in teaching and learning.

  • NicaAgua: Mobile Weather Monitoring for Rural Resilience and Sustainability

    What if we told you that a mobile application is changing the game for rural communities in Esteli, Nicaragua? Developed by students and faculty in SCU’s Frugal Innovation Hub (FIH) in partnership with the Department of Environmental Sciences on behalf of the Association of Nicaraguan Social Development (ASDENIC), NicaAgua empowers farmers and communities by providing them with an advanced weather monitoring system. The story continues...

  • Dean's Message, Spring 2023

    It's hard to believe Spring Quarter is already here. Newly admitted students came out to get a glimpse at campus-life during Preview Day. Our Seniors are hard at work preparing for their Senior Design Conference presentations, and we are all looking forward to all of the end-of-the-year events and celebrations. The entire campus just celebrated our 10th Anniversary of the Annual Day of Giving with record-setting numbers. Thank you to everyone who generously donated to help ensure we continue to Engineer with a Mission!

  • Pedestrian Bridge for Innovation & Discovery

    A team of civil engineering students has designed an environmentally sustainable, accessible and educational pedestrian bridge, in partnership with the Children's Discovery Museum in San Jose. The bridge's design features timber arches and a glass deck to showcase its inner workings and components, and the use of interactive plaques to engage the public and increase interest in engineering. The Pedestrian Bridge for Innovation and Discovery project aims to inspire future generations of engineers and demonstrates the power of innovation, sustainability and education in shaping the future of civil engineering.

  • Order of the Engineer: A Symbolic Tradition in Engineering Ethics

    The Order of the Engineer event promotes ethics and responsibility in the engineering profession through an annual ceremony where attendees take an oath and receive a certificate and stainless steel ring. The tradition, established by Dr. Sukhmander Singh, emphasizes the importance of serving humanity and making the best use of Earth's resources.

  • Design, Build, Fly Competition

    A team of eight senior mechanical engineering students, under the guidance of Professor Mohammad Ayoubi, is designing and building an unmanned aircraft to compete in the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) Design, Build, Fly Competition in 2024. The competition involves aircraft staging, surveillance, and jamming, and the team is divided into two groups to overcome technical challenges related to aerodynamic design and structures and controls. The project aims to reinforce students' knowledge and personal development, emphasizing teamwork, leadership, and collaboration skills while aligning with Santa Clara University's strategic vision of educating the whole person.

  • Robotic Arm Extrusion End Effector

    A team of seniors from different engineering disciplines developed a robotic arm end effector that can dispense highly viscous materials precisely and safely. The end effector has the potential to improve working conditions in a variety of industries by reducing exposure to hazardous materials.

  • The Ohlone Augmented Reality Tour

    Exploring the Story of Native Americans on Santa Clara University’s Campus

    Two visitors exploring an artist's rendering of a traditional Ohlone village in augmented reality. Illustration by Eric S. Carlson

  • Santa Clara University Engages Virtual Reality for Dementia Caregiving Training

    On-location filming wraps in the first milestone towards a VR training experience.

    Santa Clara University students and faculty have recently completed a groundbreaking virtual reality training program for Alzheimer’s and dementia caregivers, which they will be testing at a local dementia care program and a home health agency in Washington, D.C.

  • Dean's Message, Fall 2022

    This year, we delightedly welcomed the record-breaking class of 2026, with just over 400 first-year students. Along with our returning students, faculty, and staff, we also welcomed Santa Clara University's first-ever woman president, Julie Sullivan.

  • Engineering With A Mission in Practice

    SCU’s Engineers Without Borders (EWB) is a student-led chapter of Engineers Without Borders, USA. Members of EWB aim to “solve pressing challenges in developing communities through sustainable and user-centric solutions.” For the past eight years, EWB-SCU has partnered with PICO Rwanda, an NGO that supports community organizing, supporting members of the Nyange, Rwanda community as they work to lift themselves out of poverty.

  • Welcome New Faculty

    The School of Engineering welcomes seven new faculty this year, along with the promotion of four newly appointed lecturers. They each bring a wealth of knowledge and passion for their respective fields to enhance our programs and engage our students.

  • A Closer Look At Creative AI

    In today’s world, there is a lot of controversy surrounding using Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a medium to create artistic pieces of work, from the argument that AI will replace artists to the questions of legality surrounding who owns the rights to the pieces created. I sat with Assistant Professor Maya Ackerman (Computer Science and Engineering) to learn more about creative AI and its implications for the future of the creative industry.

  • Creative AI In Action

    Nicole's latest project involves working with creative AI to inspire an abstract musical sculpture. She aims to show how AI can be used to help us throughout the creative process.

  • IEEE Fellow: A Prestigious Elevation for the Few

    The School of Engineering is profoundly grateful to have incredibly talented faculty who have achieved remarkable accomplishments and accolades, including those who have reached the rankings of Fellow at the world's largest and most exclusive technical professional organization, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). The IEEE is an international organization “dedicated to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity.” This past year, Andy Wolfe (Electrical and Computer Engineering) was among those to receive this honor, making him the fifth SCU School of Engineering faculty to be recognized.

  • De Novo Spotlights

    Over the summer, these Engineering undergraduates conducted research as part of the De Novo Fellowship Program. This prestigious fellowship is awarded to outstanding students from underrepresented groups in the College of Arts and Sciences and the School of Engineering to work on well-crafted research projects with faculty mentors who are committed to increasing diversity in STEM.

  • Best Wishes, Tim Healy

    After 56 years of teaching at Santa Clara University, beloved Electrical and Computer Engineering professor, Tim Healy, has retired.

  • Santa Clara University Hosts IEEE 2022 Global Humanitarian Technology Conference

    SANTA CLARA, Calif., Sept. 7, 2022—Santa Clara University will host the 2022 IEEE Global Humanitarian Technology Conference (GHTC) September 8 - 11, 2022. The conference is a flagship international event, bringing together people working on technology applications to address critical issues for the benefit of resource-constrained and vulnerable populations worldwide.

  • Engineering the Technology of Tomorrow at SCU Engineering's Senior Design Conference

    For the first time in over two years, over 400 guests came out to the 52nd Annual Senior Design Conference for the School of Engineering. This year we had 212 senior Broncos present their capstone projects spread over 16 sessions throughout campus, including the new Sobrato Campus for Discovery and Innovation. In total, the senior design conference showcased seventy unique projects across showroom floors.

  • The Santa Clara SES Experience

    This July, 90 high school students will have the opportunity to take part in a five-day immersive college engineering experience. Participants will live in SCU dorm rooms, attend introductory workshops taught by SCU engineering faculty, and explore various topics ranging from Bioengineering to Computer Science and Engineering. The program, Summer Engineering Seminar (SES), is entering its 33rd year as one of the School of Engineering’s most competitive outreach initiatives.

  • A Community of Connection and Guidance

    Bronco engineering undergraduates now have even more opportunities to seek advice, guidance, and insight throughout their entire college experience thanks to the School of Engineering’s Mentor Collective Program that began last year. Knowing mentoring relationships are difficult to establish, the School of Engineering is partnering with the Mentor Collective organization to develop a successful mentorship program. The Mentor Collective organization has worked with universities nationwide on programs that prove fulfilling for both mentors and mentees alike.

  • DISC: A Mission to Reconnect SCU

    After about five years in the making and with the dedicated support of multiple student organizations, the Diversity and Inclusion Student Center (DISC) has come to life in the new Sobrato Campus for Discovery and Innovation. This was made possible by partnership between the School of Engineering, College of Arts & Sciences, and the University’s Provost Office.

  • Opening the Doors to Collaboration

    After years of hard work, long meetings, and communal efforts, the doors for the John A. and Susan Sobrato Campus for Discovery and Innovation finally were opened for the Fall Quarter. The Dedication Ceremony was a wonderful celebration of all of the work that has gone into turning an idea into a reality - it even included a surprise visit by Gov. Gavin Newsom ’89.

  • Saying Goodbye

    This fall the School of Engineering must bid farewell to three long-term faculty and staff as they begin the next chapter of their lives in retirement. Read more about their many contributions. We will miss them all greatly!

  • Saying Hello...

    The School of Engineering is delighted to introduce four new faculty members joining our community of scholars this year. They bring a passion for teaching and provide a depth of experience in their research that will captivate our students and enhance our program.

  • Dean's Message, Fall 2021

    Every fall there is always an excitement around campus as students anticipate going back to school after a summer away from their friends, organizations, and studies. This year, however, that excitement was felt throughout our whole community. Students, faculty, staff, and administration alike were yearning for those face-to-face connections that had been absent over the previous 18 months, making the return to campus this fall especially special.

  • Araci Receives Prestigious NSF CAREER Award

    Emre Araci, Associate Professor of Bioengineering, has received a prestigious National Science Foundation CAREER award of $518,406 in support of his work on next-generation wearable movement sensors that can help improve the lives of patients with musculoskeletal disorders and stroke survivors, advance sports medicine, and more.

  • New MS in Robotics and Automation

    Recognized as a world leader in field robotics education, Santa Clara University is now offering an interdisciplinary master’s degree program in Robotics and Automation, leveraging the capabilities and partnerships of the Robotic Systems Laboratory.

  • New Construction Management Minor Helps Broncos Build Their Careers

    SCU's new Construction Management minor helps students from engineering, business, environmental sciences, and other disciplines prepare for exciting and fulfilling careers within the multi-faceted construction industry. Support from one of the Bay Area's largest contractors makes it more accessible for underrepresented Broncos.

  • Dean's Message, Spring 2021

    "Spring fever" has hit our engineering seniors, as they work feverishly to put the finishing touches on their senior design projects before presenting them on May 13. Though the requirements for senior design haven't changed much since they were initiated in 1935, the projects certainly have!

  • A Campus Within a Campus Comes to Life

    As the Sobrato Campus for Discovery and Innovation nears completion, palm trees planted in the courtyard make the space feel like home to our Broncos. This summer, the adjacent Heafey-Bergin Hall buildings will undergo a transformation, as well, as work begins on an interdisciplinary hub for computing and mathematics.

  • Senior Design Snapshot

    On May 13, 2021, more than 80 teams of senior engineering students will present their capstone projects at the 51st Annual Senior Design Conference. Everyone is welcome to join in for this virtual event. In the meantime, here is a peek at a few of the student projects that will be presented.

  • From Design to Deployment

    Many Senior Design projects are developed for real-world clients. One such project, Omwana Thrive, designed to decrease the infant mortality rate in sub-Saharan Africa, was successfully deployed in Uganda last fall.

  • Closing the Gender Gap in VC Funding

    Assistant Professor Margareta (Maya) Ackerman's research has uncovered a clear and consistent pattern that exists in most industries, regardless of geography: the CEO’s gender is the most important factor for fundraising success. Even after controlling for external factors such as attending an Ivy League school or having a prior successful business “exit”—women were still disadvantaged in VC funding.

  • Modeling the Future of Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing

    Santa Clara University is partnering with Genentech to create a West Coast Biomanufacturing Consortium for Analytics and Data engineering (BioCAD) to upskill working engineers and scientists, enabling them to make data-informed manufacturing decisions.

  • New Scholarships Address Pandemic Inequities

    The COVID-19 global pandemic has hit underrepresented university students especially hard. To help address the inequities and to support our diverse student body, the School of Engineering has launched four new scholarship funds.

  • Bronze Level Recognition

    Bronze Level achievement from the American Society for Engineering Education only spurs us on to make SCU Engineering a more welcoming and supportive environment for all.

  • Expanding the Picture of Success

    Electrical and Computer Engineering Professor Tokunbo Ogunfunmi, advisor for the student chapter of National Society of Black Engineers, recently launched a new speaker series that will help underrepresented students envision their own career success.

  • Building Connections

    The School of Engineering's Engineering Advisory Board has created Engineering Connections, a new Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Speaker Series to foster a sense of community and strengthen our SCU network.

  • Academician Accolades

    The School of Engineering honors top faculty on an annual basis with awards for both teaching and research. Congratulations to the 2020-2021 academic year award winners: Michael Taylor, Bill Lu, Lanny Vincent, and Sergio Zarantonello!

  • Congratulations to our Fulbright Semi-finalists!

    The School of Engineering is delighted to announce that two of our students and one alumnus are semi-finalists for Fulbright U.S. Student Program scholarships. Out of a total of 17 semi-finalists from Santa Clara University—a record-breaking number for us—we are so proud that 3 are Bronco engineers. Meet them here.

  • Dean's Message

    Following months of quarantine and social unrest, feelings were mixed as we looked toward the fall quarter, but we began the year with a sense of hope, purpose, and determination thanks to the hard work of our faculty, staff, and students.

  • Redefining Values in a Values-Based Institution

    For the past year, our SCU engineering community has taken a hard look at our values, programs, and practices to assess how we can best inspire engineering leaders of competence, conscience, and compassion. The result is a comprehensive plan of action.

  • Who We Are

    We are a community of scholars learning, teaching, and researching together in many different disciplines of engineering. Here is a snapshot of our undergraduate and graduate enrollment.

  • Broncos Helping Broncos

    A new Alumni/ae Mentoring Program is providing engineering sophomores and new transfer students with one-on-one help for navigating school and career challenges and opportunities, and is giving alums a chance to give back.

  • Walking the Walk Together

    Since last spring, SCU Engineering has been hosting monthly panel discussions with STEM and community leaders from around the country. In October, two of our alums joined the conversation.

  • IDEAS for Diversity and Inclusion at SCU

    Striving to ensure equitable access to opportunities for all STEM students at SCU, an interdisciplinary coalition of students from engineering and sciences is helping build community and advocating for diversity and inclusion initiatives on campus.

  • Building Community out of Discord

    Student, artist, speaker, UX designer...Grace Ling does it all, while also building community along the way. In just five months, she created and grew an online community of design enthusiasts with more than 8,000 members and launched an online group for SCU graduate engineering students to meet and come together while studying remotely, off campus.

  • United to Advance Women in STEM

    Undergraduate women studying STEM at SCU are being mentored by Intel professionals and a global network of executive women. The new program aims to improve retention of these students, not only in their majors, but in their careers, long term.

  • The I’s Have It: Injury, Internships, Involvement for the Win

    Julia Lieberman '21 is not one to sit on the sidelines! After recovering from numerous sports-related concussions, this go-getter leveraged her passion for building community during the Coronavirus pandemic to help create better networking opportunities for her peers here on campus and around the world.

  • Faculty Research

    Highlights, facts and figures, and a snapshot of what some of our faculty and their student researchers have been working on.

  • The Sweet Smell of Career Experience

    Healthcare Innovation and Design students are receiving outstanding mentorship while getting a flavor for working with a real customer in the biomedical industry.

  • Ruth Davis Receives SWE Distinguished Engineering Educator Award

    In 1979, Ruth Davis was the first female tenure-track faculty member hired by the School of Engineering. Over the past 40 years, she has blazed many trails and championed women in computing and engineering as professor and associate dean of undergraduate programs. This year, she is honored with the Society of Women Engineers’ Distinguished Engineering Educator Award.

  • Alumnus Seeks to Feed the World

    Sam Bertram '16, M.S. '18, is using the engineering and entrepreneurial tools he gained as a mechanical engineering student to launch a fully-automated, indoor agricultural system aimed at addressing the needs of 1.1 billion malnourished people in the world.

  • Bridget Woody '20 Wins Prestigious Fulbright Award

    Bioengineering senior Bridget Woody has won a Fulbright Award. Her fascination for how innovation helps or harms marginalized communities drives her research into how the past can inform modern-day, ethical engineering innovation.

  • Dean's Message

    During a time of separation caused by the coronavirus shelter-in-place order, SCU engineering faculty, staff, and students show their resiliency and community spirit.

  • Learning in the Time of Coronavirus

    In response to Santa Clara County's shelter-in-place order, SCU engineering faculty put their best problem-solving skills t use as they moved to a virtual format for classes and labs.

  • LEADing First Gen Students to Success

    Through mentoring, workshops, financial aid, and more, SCU’s LEAD Scholars program offers first generation college students the help they need to be successful in their studies and their careers. But it’s so much more than that. Here, Broncos find a safe place, a support system, and a community that feels like home.

  • Faculty Opens Up About Mental Health

    During National Engineers Week in February, engineering faculty panelists opened up to students about their own experiences managing stress and the imposter syndrome, sharing anecdotes and personal recollections about their own paths.

  • Bringing His Whole Self to Work

    In accepting an award from SCU's Career Center for how he will bring his whole self to work, graduate engineering student Manas Prakash Sadhwani cites a diverse set of influencers, among them Martin Luther King, Jr., Mahatma Ghandi, and SCU's course "Gender and Engineering," that have shaped his approach to working with others.

  • An EPIC Effort to Help Beekeepers

    Professor Navid Shaghaghi's EPIC Lab (Ethical, Pragmatic, and Intelligent Computing) has come up with a smart, ethical, and economical solution to a pesky beekeeping problem with HiveSpy, a labor-saving apiary monitoring system.

  • A Sustainable Leap Forward

    Engineering students and peers from Public Health Science teamed up to design a sustainable hydroponics growing system in partnership with South Africa's Leap Science and Maths Schools. Videoconferencing helped the Broncos discover parts onsite a world away that could be recycled for the project.

  • EWB 5K for 5K

    Pre-social distancing days, the Santa Clara student chapter of Engineers Without Borders held a Virtual 5k to raise $5K in support of their work with a women's tile-making cooperative in Rwanda.

  • A Big Picture Engineer

    As Global Governance Executive for Real Estate at Google, Roshan Mehdizadheh Corsiglia ’06, M.S. ’07, applies her talent for the big picture to oversee multi-billion dollar projects and millions of square feet. For her vision, innovation, and creativity, she was named a Silicon Valley’s Top 100 Women of Influence in 2019 and San Francisco Business Times Woman of Influence 2019.

  • Graduate Profile: Laura Rivas Yepes, Bioengineering

    A desire to provide solutions for improving access to medical care led Laura Rivas Yepes to Silicon Valley and Santa Clara University. As a graduate researcher in the Microfluidics Laboratory, she is advancing wearable technologies and her work has led to an internship, an invitation to participate in an industry acceleration program, and a patent!

  • A Major Exploration

    Bioengineering senior Shani Williams doesn’t let much time go to waste. This summer she spent 10 weeks as a faculty member’s paid researcher, developing an ultrathin, wearable microfluidic sensor that measures how the skin reacts in connection with particular movement.

  • Trust in a Hyper-connected World

    Silicon Valley cybersecurity experts and SCU ethics and computer science and engineering faculty got together in February to talk shop. Here’s what they had to say.

  • Bioengineering Alumnus Sammy Pontrelli ’12, M.S. ’13 Shares His Experience

    Bioengineering alumnus Sammy Pontrelli ’12, M.S. ’13 has gone a long way since his time at SCU. He went on to earn his Ph.D. in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at UCLA and is now doing a post-doc in Zurich, Switzerland. Here he shares his thoughts on his experience at SCU, where his Bronco engineering will take him in the future, and some advice for prospective Broncos.

  • Saying Goodbye to Samiha Mourad

    A visionary, mentor, prolific researcher, innovative academician, and respected colleague and friend, Samiha Mourad, Professor Emeritus of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, passed away in November, 2019.

  • Going Deep

    Electrical engineering Ph.D. candidate Kamak Ebadi's algorithm for simultaneous localization and mapping has been used on Mars and is now being put to the test in subterranean environments as part of an international challenge.

  • Next Level IoT

    In a small space tucked away inside the School of Engineering big things are happening. Here, undergraduate, master's, and Ph.D. students work together to advance IoT technologies. Find out what they are doing.

  • A Magnetic Research Field

    The field of electromagnetics has been fascinating to electrical and computer engineering lecturer Ramesh Abhari. Drawn by its mystery, she is passionate about designing systems that advance wireless connectivity for 5G, IoT, artificial intelligence, and autonomous vehicles.

  • De Novo Fellowship Sparks Diversity in Undergraduate Research

    Amritpal Singh ’20, an electrical engineering major minoring in computer science and engineering as well as mathematics spent 10 weeks working alongside his mentor Kurt Schab, assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering, to advance the theory of evaluating the performance of small antenna systems designed into electronic circuitry as a De Novo Fellow last summer.

  • 8 Questions for Rathi Murthy, SVP/CTO of Gap Inc.

    Rathi Murthy, M.S. ’95, is Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at Gap Inc., where she thrives on “removing friction and avoiding the status quo.” Here, she answers a few questions about SCU, diversity in the workplace, mentoring, and more.

  • Remembering Mark Aschheim

    In June, Mark Aschheim, Professor in Civil, Environmental, and Sustainable Engineering, passed away after a two-year struggle with cancer. Department Chair Edwin Maurer shared the following remembrance of Mark at a memorial gathering in October.

  • Subterranean Exploration for the Win

    Ph.D. candidate and JPL doctoral research fellow Kamak Ebadi helped his team win 2nd Place in the Tunnel Circuit portion of the DARPA Subterranean Challenge with his localization and mapping algorithm.

  • Interim Dean’s Message

    Springtime always brings a ramping up of activity for engineering students, with Senior Design presentations just around the corner. Announcement of a new dean and building on campus adds to the excitement. Here, School of Engineering Interim Dean Ron Danielson recaps progress on construction of the landmark STEM facility for SCU, the Sobrato Campus for Discovery and Innovation.

  • Meet Our New Dean, Dr. Elaine Scott!

    Dr. Elaine Scott will join the School of Engineering as Dean, beginning in August, 2019. As founding Dean of the School of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics at the University of Washington in Bothell, Dr. Scott brings a wealth of experience as SCU creates its own transformative STEM initiatives.

  • Mind Your Music

    Musicians and computer engineering seniors Rachel Goldstein and Andy Vainauskas have designed a device to help those of us less talented or disabled make music using our own brain activity. Pairing EEG technology with music improvisation software, they have created MindMusic, interpreting biofeedback and translating it into music.

  • Engineering a Helping Hand

    Jamie Ferris '19, along with fellow undergraduates and graduate students, is developing the HELP Hand, a Human-centered Electric Prosthetic to be manufactured in India and given free of charge to those in need by the Jaipur Foot Foundation.

  • Destigmatizing Asthma

    When a local pediatrician reached out to the Healthcare Innovation and Design Program seeking a solution to the problem of kids with respiratory issues resisting nebulizer use, bioengineering seniors got right to work and designed an ingeniously disguised nebulizer that’s a breath of fresh air.

  • Restoring Paradise

    Civil engineering seniors Sedona Leza, Karin Komshian, and Brianna Eremita were moved by the devastation caused by the firestorm that besieged Paradise, California, last winter. After meeting with townsfolk and studying the landscape, the team researched home design, construction techniques, and municipal strategies to minimize future loss, and will present their findings to the Paradise City Council this spring.

  • Switching Things Up

    “Good old-fashioned engineering design” is what Electrical Engineering Chair and Professor Shoba Krishnan calls Bradford Kidd and Anne Hsia’s innovative scheme for enabling Internet of Things technologies. The pair have designed a device that reduces the physical footprint and the power consumption of traditional voltage converters that are crucial to advancing connected computing.

  • Getting “WeighstEd” for the Good of SCU

    Mechanical engineering seniors Vince Heyman, Timothy Jaworski and Tatianna Schleup are helping SCU reach its goal of a ten percent reduction in food waste by 2020 by creating a standalone device for weighing food waste. In collaboration with SCU’s Center for Sustainability, the team iterated their design that will be installed in the campus dining hall.

  • James Wang ’19 Wins Fulbright Scholarship

    Senior James Wang, an environmental science and electrical engineering major, has won a Fulbright Scholarship to research “hybrid-supercapacitors” —a new form of energy storage with potential benefits for renewable energy—in the Paris suburb of Cachan in France.

  • Getting to Know the New Dean of Engineering

    Dr. Elaine Scott, Dean of the School of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) at the University of Washington in Bothell, has been selected as the next Dean of the School of Engineering, beginning August 1, 2019! Deepa Arora, SCU Director of Media and Internal Communications, helps us get to know her through this Q&A.

  • M.S. in Aerospace Engineering Takes Flight

    The Department of Mechanical Engineering has launched a new Master of Science degree program in Aerospace Engineering. Applications are now being accepted for the program that begins in fall, 2019. This new degree complements M.S., Engr. and Ph.D. degrees in mechanical engineering and certificate programs, as well as the department's undergraduate minor in aerospace engineering.

  • A New Name and Degree Offering for Electrical Engineering

    Starting in fall, 2019, a department name change will take effect and a corresponding major will be offered: Electrical and Computer Engineering. Here, Shoba Krishnan, chair and professor of electrical engineering shares the rationale for the changes.

  • The Big Move is On: Above and Beyond

    Big changes are underway for the School of Engineering with construction set to begin on the new Sobrato Campus for Discovery and Innovation. Here is an update on the moves that have occurred and the people who made it all happen.

  • A Different Perspective

    Undergraduates Austin Colon, Shane Buck, and Steven Pretlove didn’t head for college straight out of high school. Instead, they entered the military. And after serving their country, they enrolled in community college before transferring into Santa Clara University. Here are their stories.

  • Creating Biomedical Robots to Help Doctors Discover and Diagnose

    As part of a team of five researchers from three universities, On Shun Pak is helping develop a new class of robots that will wiggle, swim or drag themselves along the body's natural pathways, making diagnosis safer and allowing access to the most fragile environments.

  • O Pioneers!

    Lots of news coming out of the Department of Bioengineering: Sharing spaces and instruments in their new laboratory facilities is affording new opportunities for collaboration among faculty, and the department has implemented new focus areas in translational bioengineering and BioAI.

  • Broadening Horizons

    Last quarter, 39 undergraduates from bioengineering, civil, environmental and sustainable engineering, computer science and engineering, and mechanical engineering fulfilled their dreams and expanded their horizons through Study Abroad. Here, two of our students share their experiences.

  • Building Hawaii: Vince Llorin '92

    SCU's 1990 national collegiate boxing champ, alumnus Vince Llorin '92, loves spending his time surfing and keeping Hawaii's infrastructure safe as a project manager for the State Department of Transportation highways division.

  • Reaching for the Stars, Powered by a Dream

    Kamak Ebadi first dreamed of working at NASA as a 14-year-old boy in Iran. Now, he's living his dream while pursuing his Ph.D. in electrical engineering. It didn't come easy, but planning made it happen.

  • What's God Got to Do With It?

    Does God have anything to do with innovation? Does innovation have anything to do with God? These two questions are the catalyst of a conversation Lanny Vincent, engineering adjunct lecturer, is avid about sparking in his new course, Innovation Theology: An Introduction.

  • Remembering JoAnne Holliday

    JoAnne Holliday, computer engineering associate professor, died February 13, 2019. Here, colleagues remember JoAnne's kindness and collegiality, and her many contributions to her department and to the School of Engineering.

  • Impacting the World Through Electrical Engineering

    He always wanted to do big things, and he liked to build things. When Alex Austin '07 and his co-founders of Branch Metrics solved a problem that every app developer in the world faced, he was well on his way to fulfilling his goals.

  • Kamak Ebadi

    Kamak Ebadi, electrical engineering Ph.D. candidate (expected graduation June 2019) and doctoral research fellow in the Aerial Mobility group at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, is part of the team that had a key role in developing autonomy solutions for the Mars InSight lander.

  • Dean’s Message

    Along with the Class of 2022, Interim Dean Jon Strauss is new to campus this year, but he comes with extensive experience leading numerous world-class institutions. Here, he shares his thoughts and first impressions of SCU and the School of Engineering.

  • Sarah Kate Wilson Receives Prestigious IEEE Award

    Electrical Engineering Professor Sarah Kate Wilson was recently honored with the prestigious Harriett B. Rigas Award for significant contributions to engineering education. Read more about this defender of student learning, champion of diversity and inclusion, acclaimed international researcher, and professional activist.

  • Making a Power Play

    Electrical engineering and environmental science double major James Wang ’19 has built an impressive resume gaining experience in the energy and power systems arenas. Now the sustainability and social justice warrior has an opportunity to take his experience to the next level.

  • The Magic of Ants

    Computer Engineering Assistant Professor Yuhong Liu and undergraduate Louise Li are working with colleagues from California State University, East Bay, to improve cloud security using an algorithm based on the behavior of ants.

  • Sinking into Summer Research

    Bioengineering major Joshua Vincent ’20 spent the summer helping his mentor, Mechanical Engineering Associate Professor Hohyun Lee, research how best to harvest body heat to extend the battery life of prostheses. Along the way, he became a programmer, circuit designer, and more.

  • Startup Shoots for a Grand SLAM

    Annapurna Yarlagadda, MBA ’16, used her Bronco connections to pursue an idea for making autonomous cars affordable. Now, she and electrical engineering alumnus Koji Seto, Ph.D. ’14, co-founders of Apollo AI, have a patent pending, NSF funding, and an exciting future ahead.

  • Growing Bacteria that Gobbles Up Microplastics

    As a Hawaiian, Brie Goo ’19 grew up with a deep respect for the ocean. Last summer, she had the opportunity to work on a novel research project developing a plastics-eating bacteria that could be a solution to plastics pollution.

  • A Golden Opportunity to Learn About Bronze Age Engineering

    In an unexpected pairing, professors from mechanical engineering and classics are working together to develop a new interdisciplinary summer course for students to visit archaeological sites in Crete and explore engineering in relation to ancient civilizations using modern technology.

  • Spotlight on Marissa Pimentel ’10, MBA ’15

    After graduating with a B.S. in civil engineering, Marissa Pimentel ’10 took a job with SCU’s Department of Planning and Projects. Here, we catch up with the busy Bronco, getting a peek into her career path and what keeps her at SCU.

  • Kitts Receives Brutocao Award for Curriculum Innovation

    Mechanical Engineering Professor Christopher Kitts received SCU’s 2018 Brutocao Family Foundation Award for Curriculum Innovation. Cited for creating and revising numerous courses, Kitts was also instrumental in creating the popular Design Thinking Pathway and crafting the innovation, design, and entrepreneurship minor.

  • Civil Engineering Grad Student Wins Scholarship

    Dayanne Mirra, currently pursuing a master’s degree in civil engineering, has won a scholarship from the Concrete Masonry Association of California and Nevada. The award was increased from the standard amount due to her exceptional application. Read how she found herself at SCU.

  • Pavithra Nagarajan '20 Receives SCU Diversity Works Award

    Bioengineering sophomore Pavithra Nagarajan received an SCU Diversity Works Award presented to five students who thoughtfully articulated how diversity and inclusion is shaping their journey and values, and their commitment to making an impact in their future path and career. Read how dance affects Pavithra’s engineering.

  • SCU NSBE Voted Best Small Chapter

    Congratulations to our SCU student chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) recently named their region's Best Small Chapter at the 2018 NSBE National Convention in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. What makes SCU NSBE so great? Find out here.

  • Taylor Yamane Crowned Miss Santa Clara

    Taylor Yamane '20 is going "Full S.T.E.A.M Ahead" as the newly crowned Miss Santa Clara 2018. With her platform promoting STEM and the arts, Taylor hopes to inspire young people to pursue their creative passions in their careers and everyday lives, in the same way she does at Santa Clara.

  • Audrey Gozali Named New Face of Civil Engineering

    From Santa Clara to Buenos Aires, Audrey Gozali's passion for civil engineering has no boundaries. She was recently named one of ten New Faces of Civil Engineering by ASCE for her many accomplishments both in and out of the classroom. As an engineer, Audrey hopes to provide universal access to clean drinking water and empower young women and minorities in her field. Congratulations, Audrey!

  • Creating a Culture of Innovation

    Coffee gained popularity in 17th Century England and “coffeehouses” started sprouting all over London. Open to all men and indifferent to social status, these coffeehouses became public social spaces to learn the latest news and to debate new ideas. Such was the impact of this rendezvous that historians often associate these coffeehouses with the Age of Enlightenment, an intellectual and philosophical movement which laid the foundation of contemporary Western political, social, and intellectual culture. For us, the question to ask is “how do we build a similar powerful platform for channeling creativity and creating and deepening a culture of innovation across SCU?”

  • A Distinct Honor

    For a lifetime of service to the engineering profession, Mechanical Engineering Professor Terry Shoup is awarded ASME Honorary Membership.

  • Pass the wrench, please.

    Working with communities in Honduras and Rwanda through our student chapter of Engineers Without Borders, senior bioengineering student Mohit Nalavadi learns by doing.

  • Inroads to India

    India's Consul General visited the Frugal Innovation Lab to learn about some of SCU's humanitarian projects.

  • Engineering Management Program Ranks High

    SCU’s Engineering Management and Leadership master’s program takes the #37 spot in Eduniversal’s Top 200 Best Master’s in Engineering and Project Management Global Ranking, based on employer recruitment, graduates’ starting salary, and student satisfaction!

  • The Sky’s No Limit for This Alumna

    Alexandria Shearer ’13 received an NSF Fellowship to support her Ph.D. studies at UC San Diego. Soon she’ll take her research from the lab to the jungle, working with archeologists to help them better understand Mayan society.

  • Diversity in STEM Education

    Bioengineering senior Nnaoma Agwu shares his thoughts on diversity, convergent STEM education, and how the two support SCU's Jesuit mission.

  • A Message from EWB President

    The outgoing president of Engineers Without Borders, Mohit Nalavadi, sent out this message to EWB's partners at PICO International.

  • Never Fear, Robots Are Here

    This article was originally published on Re/code ( on April 20, 2016. It was written by Scott Hunter, a master’s student at Santa Clara University studying mechanical engineering with a focus in robotics and mechatronics.

  • Working Toward the Payoff

    “I came to Santa Clara to fulfill my dreams of becoming an entrepreneur,” explains Nikita Sushil Kumar from Bangalore, India, who recently earned her master’s degree in engineering management and leadership at SCU.

  • SCID’s 2016 Product Designathon

    Junior Cory Berdinis shares a recap of the Santa Clara Innovation & Design club’s second annual Product Designathon. Bringing together students from multiple disciplines, the hackathon-style competition challenged participants to identify and solve a problem focused on travel.

  • Advisory Board Member News

    Sitting in Silicon Valley in the midst of the world's most cutting-edge companies, we are blessed to have a stellar group of innovative leaders serving on our advisory board. A couple of their companies were in the news and we thought you'd like to see what they're up to.

  • The Art of Engineering

    Bioengineering's Mohit Nalavadi '16 found beauty lurking within DNA, nucleotides, and amino acids, so he created an algorithm using open source information found online and wrote a computer code, AminoAcidify, which allows him to make what he calls "genetic art."

  • Remote Making for Home School Student in Hawaii

    Kainalu Palaualelo, a home-schooled fourth grader in Hawaii, submitted a design for 3D printing to our SCU Maker Lab, consulted remotely with SCU students on improvements, and then watched it being fabricated here in Santa Clara via livestream broadcast! Read more about how the SCU Maker Lab is expanding its reach through its Makers For Good Program.

  • Making Fans of Making

    SCU’s Mobile Maker Lab hit the road, visiting junior high and high school students in Fremont, who created their own laser-cut balsa wood gliders and catapults and learned about the Lab’s 3D printers, vinyl plotter, laser cutter, and other tools.

  • I Believe

    In 2016, electrical engineering seniors Alejandra Huitron and Nicholas Supan designed educational lantern kits for Ghana. This summer, SCU Global Scholars Catherine Murray ’18 (mechanical engineering) and Nick Redfield ’18 brought the kits to Abenoa. This video tells the story.

  • Tiny House Blog

    Greetings from Sacramento, where SCU’s Tiny House team is readying for competition in California’s inaugural Tiny House Competition. After several looooong nights in Santa Clara this week, the team, their house, and three large rented trucks filled with decking and all sorts of gear arrived in Sacramento around 4 a.m. Saturday.

  • Fixing What Is Broken

    Bioengineering alumna Allie Sibole ’14 turned curiosity about her own injury into a passion for helping others. As product development engineer for a leading orthopedics company, she designs implants and instruments to treat complex fractures, travels, and meets world-renowned surgeons.

  • Alanna Sewalt '17

    Alanna Sewalt ’17 (bioengineering) has been chosen by the Board of Directors of the American Society of Safety Engineers San Jose Chapter and the Bay Area Environmental Safety Professionals as winner of a $1500 Fall 2016 EHS Scholarship. Congratulations!

  • Vincent A. DiTomaso ’50

    Vincent A. DiTomaso ’50 (electrical engineering) died of heart failure peacefully in his sleep, surrounded by family on December 14, 2016. When Vince arrived at Santa Clara as a first year student, he joined a unique class of budding engineers—not just the usual fresh-faced high school grads, but also seasoned military veterans resuming their lives at the end of World War II. During his time at Santa Clara, Vince was a member of the Engineering Society, served as A.I.E.E. President, and was a member of the Saber Society, R.O.T.C.

  • George Fegan

    George Fegan, former chair of the Department of Applied Mathematics, passed away December 20, 2016. Steve Chiappari notes, “George played a vital role in the Department of Applied Mathematics and the School of Engineering, serving as a faculty member, academic advisor to students, and departmental chair as well as assistant dean for graduate programs for the School of Engineering.

  • John Hopkins, P.E. ’74

    John Hopkins, P.E. ’74 (M.S. Public Works Administration) passed away in December, 2016. An ardent friend of Santa Clara University, he served on the Board of Fellows, on the Department of Civil Engineering’s Advisory Board, and on the School of Engineering’s Alumni Board, and was a perennial judge at the School’s annual Senior Design Conference.


    First Annual School of Engineering Research Showcase

    We invite you to be part of the inaugural School of Engineering Research Showcase featuring poster presentations of SoE research performed by faculty, post-doctoral fellows, and undergraduate, Master's, and Ph.D. students. Attended by industry partners, Silicon Valley researchers and engineers, campus affiliates and friends of the School of Engineering, this showcase provides the School with an outstanding venue for research exposure while also affording students an excellent professional development and networking experience.

  • Bioengineering senior Erik Risa '17 has been accepted to the University of Washington Medical School!

    With future plans of being a neurosurgeon or neurologist, Erik fills his time at SCU with a number of activities outside the classroom: member of Tau Beta Pi (the engineering honor society) and the University Honors Program, engineering tutor, bioengineering researcher, tenor saxophone player in the SCU Jazz Band, member of the SCU Emergency Medical Services Squad, and he is a Markkula Center for Applied Ethics 2016-17 Honzel Fellow in Health Care Ethics, focusing a research project on neuroethics. Congratulations, Erik!

  • Lunch with an Entrepreneur: Frankie Roohparvar '89

    Frankie Roohparvar '89 MS (electrical engineering) was the guest speaker at this week’s Lunch with an Entrepreneur. A serial entrepreneur and self-professed “idea guy,” Roohparvar is Executive Chairman at Batteroo, has launched multiple start-ups, holds more than 500 patents, sits on the board of three current start-ups, has a spreadsheet filled with ideas for future projects, and enjoys mentoring fledgling entrepreneurs—encouraging them to “look at things sideways to see problems and solutions in ways other people haven’t noticed.” His current venture is a device that has the potential to extend the life of disposable batteries by up to 8x their normal range. As an upstart in this $15 billion market, his company has been the target of online smear campaigns and industrial espionage, but Roo

  • Opinion: Set high expectations of women engineers and they’ll meet them

    Almost every woman in engineering I’ve talked to knows the pressure of having to prove herself. She knows what it’s like to be meticulously perfect in her calculations, and to accept that regardless of her intelligence, her work will be checked again by someone who doesn’t trust her. She knows that at the end of the day, mistakes hold more weight than they should. I say almost every woman because I am one of the few that has rarely experienced this. I’m lucky. I’m an anomaly.

  • Traveling to Rwanda: Top 10 Lessons I Learned

    Traveling to Nyange, Rwanda, with EWB was one of the greatest experiences I have had as a Santa Clara engineering student. The opportunity to use the engineering skills I have gained throughout the years at SCU to empower the tile-making cooperative we work with was truly humbling and rewarding. I also learned a lot and here are my top 10 lessons for any future EWB Rwandan travelers and/or other service-based travelers.

  • NanoGrid

    Energy sustainability and the aging grid infrastructure in the United States are two important subjects at the crossroads between politics, economics and technology. One proposed solution to these two issues revolves around the concept of an islanded microgrid which we named the NanoGrid.

  • Looking Back at Bannan

    SCU Engineering School alums recall special memories about Bannan Engineering Building. What’s yours?

  • Message from the Chair

    Hello! Please let me introduce myself as the new chair of the Department of Bioengineering. I am Jonathan (Zhiwen) Zhang. I would like to thank my colleagues and students who elected me as chair and I offer my deep appreciation and gratitude to Professor Yuling Yan, founding Chair, for her dedicated leadership of the department from 2012-2018.

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