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Silhouetted protesters with signs reading

Silhouetted protesters with signs reading "stop racism"

Walking the Walk Together

Since last spring, SCU Engineering has been hosting monthly panel discussions with STEM and community leaders from around the country. In October, two of our alums joined the conversation.

Late last spring, as citizens banded together and took to the streets to protest racial injustice, the Engineering Diversity and Inclusion Council launched a monthly live panel discussion series with STEM and community leaders from around the country, called Walking the Walk Together.

Two SCU Engineering alumni, Uchechukwu Agwu '18 and Naeem Turner-Bandele '18 (both currently working on a Ph.D. at Carnegie Mellon University), joined the panel in October. Hear what they had to say, and find information on other past and future panels here.


Uchechukwu Agwu '18


“The biggest thing is meeting people where they're at. Sometimes that won't be where you want them to be, but if you're trying to create an environment or culture of understanding, at some point everyone has to listen to each other and try to understand each other as well.”

Uchechukwu Agwu '18
Mechanical Engineering



Naeem Turner-Bandele '18



“When organizations reevaluate and reexamine their missions, and tie those into their goals and objectives, you can actually achieve better outcomes for diverse students.”

Naeem Turner-Bandele '18
Electrical Engineering

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