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Class of 2021 Ph.D. Graduates and Advisors

Class of 2021 Ph.D. Graduates and Advisors

Ph.D. Degrees Conferred in 2020 & 2021

Congratulations to all of our Ph.D. Graduates from 2020 & 2021!

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Rami Akeela '21

Thesis: Configurable HW/SW Co-design Partitioning Methodology

Prior Degree: M.S. Computer Engineering, Lehigh University

Advisor: Dr. Shoba Krishnan


Kamak Ebadi '21

Thesis: A Drift-Resilient and Degeneracy-Aware Loop Closure Detection Method for Localization and Mapping in Perceptually-Degraded Environments

Prior Degree: M.S. Computer Engineering, Florida International University

Advisor: Dr. Sally Wood


Electrical Engineering

Sanad Kawar '21

Thesis: An Input Power-Aware Maximum Efficiency Tracking Technique for Energy Harvesting in IoT Applications

Prior Degree: M.S. Electrical Engineering, Princess Sumaya University for Technology (Amman, Jordan)

Advisor: Dr. Shoba Krishnan


Ali Khoshniat '21

Thesis: Metamaterial Absorbers for Mitigating Unintended Radiated Emissions

Prior Degree: M.S. Electrical Engineering, Utah State University

Advisor: Dr. Ramesh Abhari


Pavel Dimtchev Arnaudov ’20

Thesis: Artificially Intelligent Search Algorithms for Video Fast Motion Estimation

Prior Degree: M.S. Electrical Engineering, Technical University-Sofia, Bulgaria, 1995

Advisor: Dr. Tokumbo Ogunfumi


Computer Engineering

Chelsey (Chia Chi) Li  '21

Thesis: Taming the Challenges of Accurate and Ultra-High-Rate Data Collection in Wireless Sensing Systems

Prior Degree: M.S. Computer Engineering, Syracuse University

Advisor: Dr. Behnam Dezfouli


Computer Science and Engineering

Suthee Chaidaroon ’20

Thesis: Deep Generative Models for Semantic Text Hashing

Prior Degree: M.S. Computer Science and Engineering, Santa Clara University, 2014

Advisor: Dr. Yi Fang


Chenjun Ling ’20

Thesis: Mnews: A Study of Multilingual News Search Interfaces

Prior Degree: M.S. Geographic Information System, University North Carolina, Charlotte, 2015

Advisor: Dr. Silvia Figueira


Mechanical Engineering

Chenli Wang  '21

Thesis: Cost effective and non-intrusive occupancy detection in residential building through machine learning algorithm

Prior Degree: M.S. Electrical Engineering, Santa Clara University

Advisor: Dr. Hohyun Lee


Robert Thomas McDonald ’20

Thesis: Mission-Oriented Multirobot Adaptive Navigation of Scalar Fields

Prior Degree: M.S. Mechanical Engineering, Santa Clara University, 2017

Advisor: Dr. Chris Kitts

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