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Engineering faculty panelists share their experiences during a mental health panel

Engineering faculty panelists share their experiences during a mental health panel

Faculty Opens Up About Mental Health

During National Engineers Week in February, engineering faculty panelists opened up to students about their own experiences managing stress and the imposter syndrome, sharing anecdotes and personal recollections about their own paths.

Even before the stresses associated with a coronavirus world of moving back home and adapting to a virtual learning environment, student well-being and mental health has been a growing concern for colleges and universities across the country. During SCU’s Engineers Week celebration in February, Dean Elaine Scott and faculty held a lively panel discussion on “A Faculty Perspective on Mental Health.” Part of a week-long focus on wellness that included fun activities like a paper airplane contest, games, jigsaw puzzles, and a late night pajama party with breakfast and karaoke, the panel was organized by faculty members On Shun Pak and Maryam Mobed Miremadi in close collaboration with engineering student organizations.

Panelists shared anecdotes and personal recollections of their own paths and struggles, and how they deal with stress, adversity, and Imposter syndrome—feelings of inadequacy that persist despite evident success. They also shared resources for places students can turn to for help and tips for using your voice if feeling excluded and for maintaining balance, even with a heavy engineering course load.

Far from being a one-sided discussion, questions from the packed house gave a glimpse into what most worries our students, providing added value for both faculty and peers who might otherwise have felt their struggles were theirs alone.

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Faculty panelists from left: Michael Taylor, mechanical engineering; Sarah Kate Wilson, electrical and computer engineering; Silvia Figueira, computer science and engineering; Dean Elaine Scott; Tonya Nilsson, civil, environmental, and sustainable engineering; Robert Schaffer, general engineering

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