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Engineering News Fall 2017

Surging Toward the Future

With an ambitious new STEM complex slated for construction on the very site where engineering's facilities now stand, an equally ambitious plan is in the works to ensure our students' needs are met or exceeded throughout the process.

With plans well underway for the ambitious new Sobrato Campus for Discovery and Innovation, STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) will be at the heart of SCU's campus. In preparation, engineering faculty, campus administrators, and architects have been feverishly working to ensure our engineering students’ educational needs are met or exceeded during the construction process.

And what a process it will be! A year from now nearly all of the current engineering laboratories, classrooms, and offices will be razed, making way for the new construction. Termed "the surge project" (think powerful movement forward and upward), countless hours have been spent planning and deliberating the design, construction, and movement of programs into and out of temporary space and into their permanent homes. How will we do this while maintaining the excellence of our engineering programs throughout the duration of construction?

Recent major construction on campus has freed up a number of spaces for engineering’s departments and programs, and great care has been taken to match the physical characteristics of temporary and permanent space to best align with program needs (i.e., high bay space for civil engineering, ample shop space for mechanical engineering, etc.). The result: a string of engineering surge spaces located in a corridor along The Alameda between Park and Fremont Streets, running right through the center of campus. This linear grouping will ease students' transition between classes and make wayfinding user-friendly for faculty and visitors, as well.

Construction on these surge facilities will be ongoing throughout this academic year, with move-in happening next summer. We will keep you posted on our progress as we surge toward an exciting future!

The space inside the dotted lines, marked SCDI, is where the School of Engineering currently lives and where the Sobrato Campus for Discovery and Innovation will be built. Other highlighted areas indicate "surge" locations for engineering facilities during construction, slated to begin in fall 2018.