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Office of Finance and Administration

Welcome to JST's Office of Finance and Administration.

The Office of Finance and Administration is committed to servicing students with their financial needs. Our mission is to ensure you have a successful experience at JST both educationally and financially. We provide assistance with payment plans, tuition payment, billing of rent and fees, student refunds, student account status, 1098t tax information, and liaison to Human Resources.

The Office of Finance and Administration is located on the 2nd floor, room 227 and we are available to assist you and answer any questions you may have regarding your student account.

Staff/Faculty P-card Cash Advance:

             Cash Advance Guide

Employment forms:

2017 Timesheet schedule:

             2018 Payroll Schedule

JST Staff employment forms:

      Benefits Orientation Information and Checklist

      Declaration of Policy Acknowledgement

      Direct Deposit Form

      Employee Biographical Info

      Flow Chart for 311 Policy

      I.T. Faculty/Staff Network ID and email account request form.pdf

      I.T. Policies and Guidelines Form

      Electronic I-9

      I-9 Instructions

      I9 Acceptable Documents

      NOTICE B

      Policy 311 - Prevention of Unlawful Harassment and Discrimination

      Staff Employment Application

      Staff Policy Manual Acknowledgment

      Statement of Confidentiality

      Voluntary Self Identification of Disability Pre offer

      W-4 (2018)

JST student worker employment forms:

              Electronic I-9

              I-9 Instructions 

      Direct Deposit Form

      New Hire Data Sheet

      New Hire Student Employee Checklist

      Student Employment Agreement

      Student Employment Action Request (SEAR) Form

      W-4 (2018)

JST student worker manual blank timesheet:

      Blank Timesheet

      Manual check request

Miscellaneous forms:

             Concur P Card Application

     Facsimile Transmittal Sheet

     IRS Form 8233 (non-U.S. Citizen)

             8233 Instructions

             Missing Receipt Form

             PeopleSoft Online Purchasing Instructions

             Religious Tax Exemption Form

             SCU Accounts Payable Direct Deposit Form

             SCU Independent Contractor Agreement

             W-8BEN International Form

             W-9 pdf form

             W-9 Procedures

Pay Request forms:



             JST Check Request Form

             Wire Transfer Form

Explore student housing options at JST, including information about housing availability, costs, building information, and more here.

For the 2018-2019 Tuition & Student Fee Schedule, please click here.

Please contact the business office for instructions on paying by direct deposit or wire transfer.

JST-SCU Student Employee Information:

               Overview of Employment at JST

               SCU Student Employee Page

               Student Employment Manual

JST's current student job openings:

Dean's Office- Grad Assistant

JST Graduate Assistant, Development

JST student worker employment forms:

                Electronic I-9

2810.5 Notice to Student Employees

Direct Deposit Form

New Hire Data Sheet

New Hire Student Employee Checklist

Student Employment Agreement

W-4 (2018)

JST student worker manual timesheet:

Blank Timesheet

Manual check request



To find out an estimated cost of living expenses in Berkeley, California, please see JST Student Expense Budget-2018-2019

To find out the estimated cost of living expenses for the Renewal Program, please see 2018-2019 Renewal Program Expense Budget