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Why I Give

We are able to offer valuable programs such as the Archives Apprenticeship and classroom instruction in Archives & Special Collections through the support of generous donors. As a department of the University we are eligible to receive tax-deductible gifts of cash, stock, securities, and more. Two Library donors share below why it is important to them to ensure the Library has the resources needed to carry out these educational programs.

Fred Gertler

I have two reasons for giving to Orradre Library. The first is to honor my late wife’s passion for libraries and the noble purpose they serve: to make a difference in the lives of the people who use them. The second is that my time at Orradre Library was the best professional experience of my life.

It was an honor to be part of an organization that demonstrates continued excellence in providing programs, services, and resources to the communities it serves. When working at Orradre, I could contribute to its success through hard work and humor. Now I can best advance the mission of the library by helping to fund initiatives such as the A&SC Apprenticeship Program.

Hubert Jansen

While one of the less visible and well-known departments of the University, Archives & Special Collections makes available a fascinating cultural and educational experience on the tradiations of the University and on the founding of Santa Clara as an entity.

Preservation of history provides a story of the past and present to remember, reflect upon, and enjoy. Financial support to Archives & Special Collections adds greatly to the resources provided by the University in general.

We hope you will consider including the Library in your charitable giving. Click here to make a donation directly in support of Library programs today.

Nov 14, 2016