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Over the last five years, over 60 tenure-stream faculty from SCU have participated in the National Council on Faculty Development and Diversity's (NCFDD) Faculty Success Program. We keep funding this opportunity (which started as a pilot for three faculty) because faculty keep telling us how valuable it is.

All participants have reported that the intensive personal mentoring and accountability of the NCFDD program resulted in significant positive effects on their research and productivity. Many have experienced extraordinary benefits. A few excerpts from SCU colleagues' responses to the program:

  • The Faculty Success Program has profoundly altered my relationship to writing and to time management.  The concrete strategies and skills the program cultivates have been invaluable in helping me prioritize research and writing at times when doing so feels extremely difficult. (Assistant Professor)
  • [FSP] provided me with the three things I need most to write during the summer: inspiration, structure and accountability. The trick is they provide these in a way that is encouraging and supportive rather than punitive. The end result was that I finished multiple projects over the summer (including two peer-reviewed journal articles that were subsequently accepted for publication) and I was more productive throughout the regular school year because I had better tools to rely on all year long. (Associate Professor)
  • I learned how to be proactive in planning and prioritizing my work. I now enjoy control over what is, otherwise, an endless to-do list. At the end of each week, I feel accomplished rather than overwhelmed by all that remains to be done. (Assistant Professor)

For more information, take a look at the program website. While the program is appropriately described as intensive, all activities occur via phone and online, but in real time with a specific community of faculty peers from other institutions. It's a virtual but highly personal and confidential mentoring program, with a primary focus on research/writing productivity.

If the NCFDD's Faculty Success Program looks like it would support your professional development and research trajectory at this point in your career, please submit a very brief (a paragraph at most) rationale to

This opportunity is offered to first- and second-year tenure track faculty at SCU each year. But because we have heard so much about the substantial benefits from SCU faculty participants, we'd also like to fund as many interested incoming tenure-stream faculty and new post-docs our budget will allow. Participation is co-funded by Faculty Development, the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, and your Dean. If we cannot fund all interested colleagues, we will establish an interest list for subsequent sessions.

Please contact us with any questions.