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New Faculty Cohort Facilitators

Working in partnership with the Faculty Collaborative, New Faculty Cohorts are led by experienced SCU faculty to provide peer support, networking, and information about navigating SCU to lecturers and tenure track faculty. The Facilitators will reach out to their cohorts soon after invitations are sent in September.


2022-2023 New Faculty Cohort Facilitators

  • Professor, English, College of Arts and Sciences

    Juan loves teaching Creative Writing and Latinx Literature. Jean sees it as a wonderful opportunity to welcome new colleagues to the community, and to help them thrive in their research and teaching as they face this new challenge in their lives.

  • Associate Professor, Psychology, College of Arts and Sciences

    Katy teach several classes in the Psychology Department from intro classes to senior seminars. Katy's favorite classes to teach are Social Psychology and Psych of Gender, both of which always lead to incredible student discussions. When Katy began at SCU, establishing relationships with her cohort helped her to navigate all of the ups and downs of being a new faculty member. Now, the idea of helping other new faculty build a sense of community is incredibly exciting!

  • Senior Lecturer, Education, School of Education and Counseling Psychology

    Harold is interested in how we can integrate pro-inclusion strategies while teaching in a system that maintains inequalities, how to create spaces where students feel respected and valued, and where we might be going in reference to social justice and cura personalis. Harold enjoys listening and learning from new colleagues. He enjoys seeing the mission through new eyes and energy that comes with talking about teaching and our students.

  • Associate Director, Office of Student Fellowships, Lecturer, Political Science, College of Arts and Sciences

    Matthew teaches courses in U.S. politics, including the intro, Congress, the Presidency, Public Policy, State & Local Politics, Sports & Politics, and an internship class. He also work in the Office of Student Fellowships (OSF), connecting students and alumni to competitive national and international fellowships and scholarships and helping them work on their applications. Matthew likes helping new colleagues navigate the resources and opportunities available at SCU. New faculty are often eager to learn and contribute, and the incredible students give them many opportunities to engage in some really fun work. Matthew also enjoys learning from new colleagues, who each bring unique experiences and perspectives to SCU.

  • Director, Medieval and Renaissance Program, Lecturer, English, College of Arts and Sciences

    Jackie specializes in teaching Middle English literature and directs the Premodern Studies minor. She also teaches CTW, Engineering Communications, and Advanced Writing. Collaborating with new colleagues gives her an opportunity to develop innovative ideas for reaching our students. It's always so inspiring to see what new faculty bring to our campus.

  • Assistant Professor, Management and Entrepreneurship, Leavey School of Business

    Kelly's research focuses on how expensive and noisy decisions are influenced by social learning processes and the participants' social identities. It analyzes organizational change, project formation, and individual careers. Freelance teams and careers. Their energy and fresh ideas.

  • Associate Professor, Counseling Psychology, School of Education and Counseling Psychology

    My research, teaching, and clinical interests are focused on advocating for BIPOC needs and racial and social justice. I teach graduate courses in multicultural counseling, developmental psychology, microskills in counseling, counseling theories, and feminist multicultural therapy. It's always exciting to welcome new SCU colleagues and build community, connections, and solidarity! Looking forward to hanging out together!

  • Lecturer, English, College of Arts and Sciences

    I teach Critical Thinking & Writing and ENGL 181 (Engineering Communications), as well as courses in gender studies and British Literature. I've held three different appointment types at Santa Clara, and I like being able to draw on those experiences to introduce new faculty members to our campus. I also enjoy acquainting folks with the wealth of resources available to support teaching and research here. And it's great to have a chance to create community outside my department by getting to know people from other fields.

  • Associate Professor, Ethnomusicology, Music Department, College of Arts and Sciences

    I teach courses in ethnomusicology, which is the study of music and culture. Specifically, my classes focus on American pop music and race, hip hop culture, global music, African music and politics, flamenco history, social theory, and ethnography. Being a new faculty member can sometimes be an isolating and jarring experience, so I love being able to support new colleagues by fostering spaces of solidarity and community. Mentoring relationships have played a critical role in my success and well-being as a professor and scholar. I also really appreciating learning from my colleagues, whether it's about their research, pedagogical practices, or life experiences.