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Alumni Annual Report 2016-17

Alumni Demographics

As the data is constantly changing, we closely track alumni demographics, so we can make data-driven decisions about our programming. Currently, 38% of our alumni graduated in the past 15 years and we have alumni in over 130 countries.

Number of Living Alumni = 96,120*

Alumni Demographics Living Alumni

*Total excludes duplicates (alumni who have both an undergraduate and a graduate degree from SCU are only counted once) and does NOT include the Class of 2017.

 All Living Alumni by Location

Alumni Demographics 50 states 130 countries 


All Living Alumni by Decade

Living Alumni by decade

All Living Alumni by Gender

Living Alumni by gender


Event Statistics

This year our total events and total number of reservations increased substantially (20% and 25% respectively) over the previous year. This increase in event production and reservation processing was accomplished with the same amount of staff (15) as the previous year, a testament to staff efforts and improved systems and processes.

We also conducted 66% more post-event surveys than the previous year and saw an increase in our overall Net Promoter Score to 72. 

Total Events = 241 (20% increase compared to last year)
  • Signature Events = 106
    • (Includes Alumni Board and Other)
  • Chapters and Groups Events = 135
Total Number of Reservations = 19,358

Events by Type 


Event statistics - events by type


Net Promoter Score for Alumni Events

Net promoter score

*A NPS score of 50 or above is considered good.

Signature Events

Our signature events are larger on-campus events which happen annually or bi-annually. We closely monitor attendance trends which can shift dramatically due to variables such as weather, venue capacity limitations, and conflicting events/holidays.

Event Attendance and Analysis

Event attendance and analysis

  • This year we had the highest overall attendance ever at Grand Reunion (4,053) as well as the addition of three new identity-based group events to the Grand Reunion schedule (Black Alumni, Chicano-Latino, and LGBTQ+).

  • We used iPads for walk-on registration at the Pasta Feed, which helped the line move quicker and has become a best practice for other alumni event registration processes.

  • Pasta Feed was on President’s Weekend this year, which based on survey feedback, was not ideal for many so we saw a decrease in attendance.

  • The Gianera Society Luncheon had a similar number of reservations as the previous year, but a higher percentage of “no shows.” For future events, we plan to send additional communications to encourage registrants to attend.

  • The President’s Dinner is centered on our award recipients, so the number of attendees is directly correlated to how many family and friends they invite and the number of their Santa Clara connections. Additionally, last year we raised the price of tickets from $75 to $100 for the first time in 11 years.


signature events - presidents dinner photo v2

 Signature Event - Grad Picnic Quote -  Signature Event - Pres Dinner Quote

GR Quote


Chapters & Groups

Based on the results of the 2015 Alumni Attitude Survey, market research, and extensive competitive benchmarking, we revised and expanded our chapters and groups structure to best serve our diverse population and better align with industry standards. 

Chapters and Groups - all good list and LGBTQ call ou

Bucket List Experiences

For our chapters and groups events we’ve started to offer new “special access events” (also known as “Bucket List Experiences”) with the goal of engaging more/new alumni via these once-in-a-lifetime type events. Examples include:

 Chapters and Groups - Bucket List events

Alumni Making New and Unique Connections at Regional Events

Elisa Fanucchi ’12 and Mritunjay Kumar M.S. ’15 both recently relocated to the Austin area. At the Austin’s New Year Leadership Happy Hour these two not only met new Broncos, but they also realized they were neighbors, living in the very same apartment complex!

POUND Rockout Workout Party
POUND Rockout Workout Party

Initiated by Board Member Jane Davaransky ’00, this hugely successful volunteer-led, volunteer-driven event brought alumna and POUND Rockout instructor Sonia Li ’00 to campus to lead a free class on the Bannan Alumni House Lawn. Broncos teaching Broncos!


Alumni Programs

Programs offer alumni engagement opportunities outside the traditional event format and allow us to engage alumni no matter where they live.


  • This year we launched of a new community-building online platform, known as Switchboard. Switchboard creates meaningful, recurring, and high-value engagement where alumni can ask for what they need and offer what they have to give. We achieved our one-year goal of 1,000 in the first six months!

  • The Mission Wine Collection (in its second year) was in such high demand that it resulted in a record-breaking sell out of Testarossa Winery's Santa Lucia Highland Chardonnay within months of launching

  • We transitioned 150+ Illuminate articles to the University’s new content management system TerminalFour, improved the site’s navigation (added a word cloud, search bar, and updates to the navigation bar), and added new design enhancements; Additionally we published 62 articles and our second annual trends article that had 1,000+ views!

  • Career programs centered around the theme of happiness and new this year and we took programming off campus to local cities with great success

 Alumni Programs

Switchboard Quote


   Alumni Programs - webinar callout

Student Events & Programs

Our student-focused events and programs – which take place from enrollment through graduation – introduce students to Santa Clara’s robust alumni community and reinforce their lifelong connection to Santa Clara. “Once a Bronco, Always a Bronco.”


  • This year the Alumni Speaker Series program featured a panel of five alumnae and one faculty member entitled “Innovating Women: Exploring Careers in STEM.” The event had over 80 students, faculty, and staff in attendance; more than any previous events in the history of the series.

Student events and programs


student events - women in STEM 

  • Based on feedback from previous years, we made adjustments to our Life After Santa Clara event series, offering less events (6 instead of 8), eliminating topics that were less popular in the past, and focusing on quality over quantity. Both our overall attendance and our unique attendance increased. In addition, our post-survey response rate, and NPS rose from 58 to 72.


Young Alumni Events & Programs

Our Young Alumni programming engages alumni who’ve graduated in the past ten years through social, educational, and professional events (primarily in the Bay Area).

  • This year the “Friendsgiving” event was at the alumni-owned winery Testarossa and sold-out with 43 attendees

  • The Student Loan Debt Workshop, led by Nick Der ’14, brought together young alumni and seniors and was a high-ranking favorite this year

young alumni events and programs

young alumni - student debt workshop quote

Alumni Generosity

Alumni are the only lifelong stakeholders in the University and they give back in many ways, not only in dollars, but through their time, resources, connections, jobs/internships, ideas, advice, advocacy, brand influence, word-of-mouth referrals, and many other ways.

Alumni Giving
  • Alumni Participation in Giving: 20.39% (20.13% in 2015-16)

  • Undergraduate Event Attendees and Donors: 58% (60% in 2015-16)

*percent of all undergraduate alumni who registered for a 2016-17 Alumni Association event AND made a gift to the University in 2016-17.

In 2016-17, we awarded $695,434 to 100 recipients.

SCU AFS Infographic

This was the second year in a row we were able to send a targeted email to all previous AFS recipients and donors as part of the Day of Giving (March 8, 2017). The outcome was extremely successful resulting in a significant increase in the number of gifts, donors, and dollars raised, a testament to the value of targeted marketing.

Alumni Generosity - AFS statistics

*Compared to 2015-16

We also created a student testimonial and gratitude video for this first time, which had 100+ views.

Alumni Board of Directors

How Participation Influences Giving

Alumni who feel part of the community give at a rate of 2-3 times our University average. Below are the many ways alumni have engaged with the University compared to the percentage of those that were donors in the 2016-17 academic year.

Alumni Generosity - How participation influences giving

Marketing & Communications

Our marketing and communications efforts this year focused on creative approaches to engage SCU alumni in new ways across our traditional and social communications platforms.

  • Drove engagement and growth on our social media platforms including an increase of shares and comments by 25% and 31% respectively on Facebook; an increase of followers on Instagram by 30%; and 68% more likes on Twitter

  • Early adopters of the 360 camera at SCU, and have shared nine 360 photos or videos, to help people feel like they’re back on campus

  • Implemented more Snapchat geo filters at events (7 total), to appeal to our younger alumni population

  • Set three new Bronco Connect open rate records, including a new high of 33% in June 2017, which means 16,300 people opened that issue

  • Continued our website momentum by launching “Overheard,” a web element highlighting alumni sentiments and stories, conducting user testing and implementing over 34 user recommendations, and completing a comprehensive website audit of 300+ pages

Marketing & Communications - Overheard@SCU

Campus Partnerships

Our Liaison Program, which partners the alumni relations staff members with over 64 schools, centers, departments, and committees on campus, continues to deepen our relationships across campus.


  • Developed a more formal structure for the Liaison Program to offer our campus partners regular updates and to create a more collaborative relationships

  • Launched a quarterly liaison newsletter in March 2017

  • Actively supported Development in 2017 Day of Giving goals through alumni email communications, extensive social media posting, talking points at regional events, and volunteer education efforts

  • Collaborated with the Office for Multicultural Learning to celebrate the Black, Chicanx/Latinx, Pan Asian, and LGBTQ+ senior ceremonies

  • Re-defined our partnerships with the Athletics department and are looking for more areas beyond Basketball pre-game and Pasta Feed events to collaborate and engage alumni
 Campus Partnerships - Liaison Quote

Campus Partnerships - Liaison Newsletter

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