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Religion and Politics: The Next Round

By Michael McCarthy, S.J., '87 M.Div. '97
A recent article by Laurie Goodstein in the Sunday edition of the New York Times (June 10, 2017) observes a new turn in the storied history of religion and politics...
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    Being Mindful That God Invites Us to Rest

    By Christopher Wemp '12, M.A. '15
    I’ve been tired lately. Between my regular job, grad classes, and parish music ministry, there hasn’t been much time for slowing down or even reflecting on...
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    Coaching Skills That Breed Champions

    By Jerry Smith
    In every generation and in every sport, there have been exceptional coaches. For example, John Wooden (UCLA’s basketball coach in the 1960–70s) and...
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    Keys to Startup Success: Courage, Curiosity, Imperfection

    By Judith Martinez ‘14
    March 2017 marked the third anniversary of InHerShoes catalyzing courage and my first three years of running a startup. We celebrated by...
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    Unconscious Bias in Professional Coaching

    By Kelly Crowley ’99
    My grandmother was a home-owning single-mother-of-two in an era when it wasn't socially acceptable for women to do those things alone. I grew...
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    Filtering Political Discussions through Civility, Compassion, and Common Good

    By Thomas Plante
    It doesn’t take a psychologist (or a political scientist for that matter) to know that political discourse and behavior has become very ugly in recent months...
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    Accelerating Science for More Than 50 Years

    By Phil Kesten
    SLAC—the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center before it was renamed in 2008—continues to make its mark on science. Experiments conducted there have...
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    5 Ways to Up Your Work-Life Balance Game

    By Dean Ku M.A. '09
    If you’re having a hard time balancing work and life, you’re not alone. According to the American Sociological Review, 70 percent of American workers struggle...
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    Underdog Entrepreneurs: Beating the Odds

    By Drew Starbird MBA '84
    Much of the research on entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship focuses on the personal characteristics and experiences that motivate one to start and...
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    Rethinking School for Future-Ready Leaders

    By Christopher Wemp '12, M.A. '15
    Disruptive thought. Personalization. Future-Ready. 22nd Century Leadership. Real-world skills. These terms have saturated the education...
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