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    Photo of fish and coral reef.Image link to full article

    Cement, Concrete, Blue Planet, And Climate Change: Taking Lemons And Making Lemonade

    By Hersh Shefrin
    A Bay Area company has pioneered a way to manufacture cement which mimics the way that corals build reefs, helping reduce emissions of carbon dioxide.
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    Photo of a night view from the International Space Station.Image link to full article

    Space: The Final (Ethical) Frontier

    In his new book “Space Ethics,” Brian Patrick Green underscores the need for a worldwide “revolution in ethics” when it comes to exploring our final frontier.
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    Man's hand holding lightbulb in front of year 2022.Image link to full article


    By Illuminate Staff
    COVID’s Omicron variant continues to upend our lives, but that hasn’t stopped important progress in a variety of fields.
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    Photo of two Atari games from yesteryear.Image link to full article

    Why Nostalgia Is on the Rise

    By David Feldman
    If you’re feeling more nostalgic lately, you’re not alone.
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    Photo of golden crowned kingletImage link to full article

    Stand Up for Patience

    This past year I’ve learned that we Americans are not very good at patience.
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    Photo of flag of COP26 UN 2021 climate change conferenceImage link to full article

    Two Climate Moments of Truth Loom for Carbon Pricing Policy

    By Hersh Shefrin
    Bold leadership in climate change policy is required now—in the U.S. and abroad.
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    Photo of trademarks of several social media companies.Image link to full article

    Banning Trump on Social Media

    By Eric Goldman
    Do Internet services have the legal discretion to terminate or remove users' accounts? And what would happen if the government restricted or removed that discretion?
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