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Teaching Kids to Embrace Self-Compassion 

A new book aims to change children’s negative self-talk.
Photograph of a waning crucifix.Image link to full article

Nicaragua Hijacks a Jesuit University, Then Declares Jesuits 'Illegal'

By Luis Calero, S.J.
"We stand for a faith that does justice," says Fr. Luis Calero. "And we want Santa Clara to be informed about this, so that we keep this in our hearts, and in our prayers."
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Trapped: The Ethics Nightmare of the PGA Tour/LIV Merger

By Don Heider
Markkula Center ethicist laments quagmire facing many PGA Tour players, but says they have some recourse.
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NASA photo of Jupiter.Image link to full article

The Moons of Jupiter

By Phil Kesten
A newly-launched space mission to Jupiter will study three of its icy moons' subsurface water for any sign of life.
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From Athens to Elon: The Threat of Wealth on Democracy

By Nicholas Lindberg
How do our perceptions around wealth change how our government works? The answers may lie in ancient history.
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The Psychology That Brought Down SVB Is Not Going Away

By Hersh Shefrin
Shakespeare’s Hamlet uses the phrase “thinking makes it so.” Was Silicon Valley Bank fragile when it collapsed, or did depositor thinking instead make it so?
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Lenten words on Post-It notesImage link to full article

The Art of Sacrifice

By Tony Cortese
Lent gives us the opportunity to take an inventory on how our lives are going.
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Photo of Southwest Airlines planes lined up on a tarmac.Image link to full article

Can Southwest Airlines Fix Its Systemic Weaknesses In The New Year?

By Hersh Shefrin
The company appears to have an Achilles’ heel when it comes to capital budgeting decisions about infrastructure.
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