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    Photo of the International Space Station/NASAImage link to full article

    2024: A Russian Space Odyssey

    By Brian Green
    Global politics ensnare 22 years of camaraderie at the International Space Station.
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    Photo of glass of water.Image link to full article

    A Straw In The Ocean

    By Daniel Press
    California has 840 miles of coastline, but making ocean water drinkable comes with enormous environmental and energy costs.
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    A map of all gun-related U.S. deaths since Jan. 1, 2022. Watch as the numbers continually update at link to full article


    By Pratheepan Gulasekaram
    Mass shootings underscore gun rights dilemma: whose personal safety is more important?
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    Photo of fish and coral reef.Image link to full article

    Blue Planet, And Climate Change: Taking Lemons And Making Lemonade

    By Hersh Shefrin
    A Bay Area company has pioneered a way to manufacture cement which mimics the way that corals build reefs, helping reduce emissions of carbon dioxide.
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    Photo of a night view from the International Space Station.Image link to full article

    Space: The Final (Ethical) Frontier

    By Brian Green
    In his new book “Space Ethics,” Brian Patrick Green underscores the need for a worldwide “revolution in ethics” when it comes to exploring our final frontier.
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    Man's hand holding lightbulb in front of year 2022.Image link to full article


    By Illuminate Staff
    COVID’s Omicron variant continues to upend our lives, but that hasn’t stopped important progress in a variety of fields.
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    Photo of two Atari games from yesteryear.Image link to full article

    Why Nostalgia Is on the Rise

    By David Feldman
    If you’re feeling more nostalgic lately, you’re not alone.
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