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    Photo of trademarks of several social media companies.Image link to full article

    Banning Trump on Social Media

    By Eric Goldman
    Do Internet services have the legal discretion to terminate or remove users' accounts? And what would happen if the government restricted or removed that discretion?
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    Men's U.S. wheelchair rugby tops New Zealand in their first  2020 Paralympic match on Aug. 25, 2021.Image link to full article

    The Power of the Paralympics

    By Kelly Crowley ’99
    The Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games not only give athletes with disabilities opportunities to reframe and redefine what is disability, but what is inclusion, and what is access.
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    Photo of a low-hanging ceiling with MIND YOUR HEAD warning sign..Image link to full article

    How to Stop Sabotaging Yourself

    By Diane Dreher
    Research shows three ways to use your strengths more effectively.
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    Photo of three elderly people walking in front of posters of soccer players.Image link to full article

    Is Life More or Less Meaningful As We Age?

    By David Feldman
    Meaning is possible at any age. It just depends what kind of meaning.
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    Photograph of George Floyd memorial wall.Image link to full article

    Miller Center Committed to Anti-Racism in U.S.—and Around the World

    By Brigit Helms
    George Floyd's death has led the international development community to grapple with its own history and practices of colonialism, racism, and white-saviorism.
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    Sculpture of two hands entwined.Image link to full article

    My Most Important Insight as a Psychotherapist After 40 Years

    By Thomas Plante
    Sacredness, respect, dignity, and reverence organizes and centers me. And you?
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    Photo of smokestacksImage link to full article

    President Biden’s Policy Mistake About Carbon Pricing Will Be Monumental

    By Hersh Shefrin
    President Biden is sidestepping the carbon pricing issue, despite the strong recommendations of most mainstream economists.
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    Nature book and author John S. FarnsworthImage link to full article

    A New Golden Age of Natural History

    Santa Clara emeritus senior lecturer writes about living—and writing—from the field.
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    Photo of President Bill Clinton signing Executive Order inspired by activist Hazel M. Johnson.Image link to full article

    Remembering "The Mother of Environmental Justice"

    By Nancy Unger
    Hazel M. Johnson recognized a high number of cancer deaths and unexplained health problems among her neighbors. She decided to take action.
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