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By Michael Engh, S.J.
Can we train ourselves to have faith in those who are outside of our family or friend groups?
    Pile of used wrapping paperImage link to full article

    Dreaming of a Green Christmas

    By Lindsey Kalkbrenner ’04, MBA ’09
    Americans produce 25 percent more waste over the holidays. How can you help? Start by ditching the fake tree.
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    Mars InSight Rover takes a picture of the Martian landscapeImage link to full article

    Mission to Mars

    By Phil Kesten
    The robotic lander InSight successfully landed on Mars on Nov. 26. We asked Phil Kesten, SCU Associate Professor of Physics, for the 411....
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    Painting of the first ThanksgivingImage link to full article

    This Thanksgiving, Talk About Native American Heritage Month at the Table

    By Joanna Thompson
    Though the broad messages of Thanksgiving are ones we can all theoretically get behind we should also acknowledge that this messaging doesn’t tell the whole story...
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    Mourners gather at vigil outside Pittsburgh shootingImage link to full article

    “And Then They Came For Me…”

    By Akiba Lerner
    Extensive Neo-fascist online networks within the U.S. are at the forefront of disseminating anti-Semitic rhetoric that help to foster violence against others....
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    Pope FrancisImage link to full article


    By Paul Mariani
    Dialogue between the Church and China could improve, but faithful Catholics there may feel betrayed...
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    LA Street Mural of John Kennedy and Ronald ReaganImage link to full article

    Countering our biases leads to healthy democracy

    By Ann Skeet
    If we do not befriend people with different points of view, how can we ever hope to find common ground?
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    Newspaper headline from 2008 financial crisisImage link to full article

    What Made The Financial Crisis Go From Bad To Disaster?

    By Hersh Shefrin
    A new book contends the decision to allow Lehman Brothers to fail during the financial crisis 10 years ago was psychologically driven...
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    People protesting net neutrality repealImage link to full article

    California passes new law preserving fair and open access to the Internet

    By Catherine Sandoval
    Handing over control of the web to Internet Service Providers without “Net Neutrality” rules poses threats to public safety.
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    Man sits at voting boothImage link to full article

    Fed up with Today’s Politics? Demand Ethical Campaigns

    By Hana Callaghan
    Legislative gridlock is at an all-time high. How do you fix it? Hold campaigns accountable.
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