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Whereas the affection of students towards the institution where their early years have been spent and the imprint of whose training upon their life and character is indelible, whose generous honors they have borne away, and the subject of whose proud and tender solitude they always remain, is most natural and becoming; and whereas it is fitting that occasion should be taken anew the bonds of fellows him to which time and separation are naturally loosening. Therefore, be it resolved; that we, the Alumni of Santa Clara College to evince our love for our College and to renew our friends' life's with each other do organize ourselves into a society for such purpose and adopt for the government thereof the following.


Article 1

This Association shall be called “The Society of Alumni of Santa Clara College.”

Article 2

Every person who has received degrees from the College is eligible to membership. The President of the College shall be ex-officio an active member of the Society, and all members of the Faculty of the College shall be in like manner Honorary members thereof. The privilege of honorary members high may, upon a special role of the Society, be extended to other persons, either ex-student of the College, or others who may be distinguished for their talents, or whose friends high for the college and its institutions may have endeared them to it.

Article 3

The object of this Society shall be, to strengthen and perpetuate College friendships; to preserve in her sons a warm regard for the Barons of the college, and a lively memory of her maternal care and substantial benefits; to spread abroad a knowledge of the great opportunities to be found within her walls for study the acquisition of science, and the cultivation of virtue; and to enjoy, at stated times, special reunions at the college.

Article 4

The officers of the society shall consist of a President, a Vice President, a Secretary, a Treasurer, and an Executive committee. The Executive committee shall consist of five members; of this Committee the President of the college shall be ex-officio a member; the other form to the elected by the Society. These officers shall be elected annually, at the regular meetings of the Society, and shall hold office until the election of their successors.

Article 5

A regular meeting of the Society shall be held each year at the College on the 28th day of April, being Charter Day of the College; unless for good reason, another day so elected by the executive committee of which due notice shall be given. A special meeting may be called at any time by the acting President of the Society either upon his own notion or written request of at least five active members.

Article 6

A quorum for all purposes at an annual meeting shall consist of the members in actual attendance, at a special meeting; a quorum shall consist of at least ten active members. Active members only, shall be entitled to roles in the affairs of the society.

Article 7

All elections for officers shall be on nominations and by ballot unless there be but one person in nomination, when the role may be vice versa. A majority of roles cast shall elect.

Article 8

The President shall preside at the meetings, vice a casting vote when necessary and perform such other functions as may be proper and custom and for his office; and in his absence or at his request the Vice President shall act in his stead. In the absence of both the body shall elect a chairman to act as President.

Article 9

The Secretary shall keep a permanent record of the name, date of members high, and last office address, of each member of the Society; he shall also keep a record of all proceedings of the Society; he shall, immediately after the election of any member, notify him in writing of such fact; he shall give sufficient notice by mail or through the newspapers of the time of holding annual or other meetings; and reform such other duties as may be usual or required of him

Article 10

The Treasurer shall collect all dues and receive and safely keep the funds of the Society; he shall disburse moneys only upon the written order of the executive committee, and shall at each annual meeting and file a full report of the finances of the society for the preceding year.

Article 11

The Executive committees shall have the general management of the affairs of the Society. They shall present business for the action of the Society (though not with the exclusive right so to do); fix the time and place of their own meetings, and of the Society; reverse all lists of applicants for members high make all necessary arrangements for meetings, banquets on other celebrations; provide for any nation, poem, and such other literary entertainment as they may deem proper to he had all the annual meeting and perform all other acts necessary for the conduct of the Society, and not herein otherwise provided for.

Article 12

Members shall be elected only at annual meetings, and by ballot; and a majority vote of members present shall be sufficient to elect.

Article 13

Immediately on his election each member shall furnish to the Secretary his full name and first office address.

Article 14

Annual dues, to constitute a fund for social or other purposes of the Society shall be levied at the regular annual meeting and paid within one month after demand by the Treasurer; failure to pay shall work a forfeiture of membership.

Article 15

The Society mad adopt such further rules for its government as bay become necessary or proper; and this Constitution may be amended at any regular meeting of the Society, by a two thirds vote of the members in attendance. This Constitution shall be in force from and after its adoption, and officers shall be elected hereunder at the first regular meeting to be held on April 27th-A.D. 1881


Adopted at Santa Clara

April 27th A.D. 1881

Chas. F. Wilcox


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