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Alumni BOD Nomination Form

Board of Directors Duties

The Board of Directors shall have such powers and duties as are set forth in the Alumni Association Constitution, including but not limited to the following:

  1. Serve as the collective voice of the alumni.
  2. Advise and support the Staff in achieving the mission of the Association and the University.
  3. Advise and support Staff in the creation or termination of alumni chapters or groups as set forth in Section 3 below.
  4. In coordination with Staff, consult with alumni, administrators, students and faculty in order to accomplish the mission of the Alumni Association and the University.
  5. Fill, as provided herein, all positions of Board members or officers that become vacant for any reason.
  6. Select the Board of Directors Student Service Award recipients each academic year (as long as funds are available).
  7. Have the authority to amend this Constitution as described in Article XI, Section 2.
  8. Attend to all business of the Association not otherwise provided for in this document.

Process Information

We accept Board of Directors nominations annually from October - January.

Nomination Form