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Nomination Tips

The Alumni Association annually honors individuals who have brought distinction to the University through service to others. 

Since we receive many award nominations each year, it is important to be thoughtful and expansive with your nomination. Below are some tips to keep in mind as you help us identify the many unsung heroes who are making a difference in the world and whose good works may otherwise go unnoticed. 

Nomination Tips

  • When writing a nomination, being specific in explaining how the nominee meets the award criteria can make your nomination a winner.  Explaining detailed behaviors and giving specific examples will clearly paint the picture of why someone deserves to be recognized.
  • Remember, the selection committee is relying on your words and examples to “see” your nominee’s attributes and contributions. Speak from your heart!
  • Remember, your audience does not know anything about the nominee; thorough explanations are key.
  • Cite specific examples—use descriptive language and then give a situation or example that shows the attribute.
  • Don't think you have to keep your nomination a secret or do it by yourself. Most people are flattered that a colleague thinks enough of them to nominate them for an award. Talk to your nominee. Ask them the questions and listen for information you can use to support your own thoughts and ideas. Call other colleagues and discuss the nominee with them. Call people who work for and with the nominee. Gather as much information and background as possible.

Successful nominations have enough detail to make the case for the nominee’s achievement.  Remember…the more detailed information, the better. 




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