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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is The Hut closing?
    The owner of the Hut decided not to renew his lease.

  • Does the University understand the importance of The Hut and the role it has played for generations of Broncos?
    Yes, the University knows that The Hut has long been a part of Bronco tradition. We appreciate the longstanding relationship that students, faculty, staff, and alumni have had with The Hut and the decades of memories and relationships that have been forged and fostered at The Hut.

  • What is the University doing to preserve the memory of The Hut?
    Given all The Hut represents to the Bronco Family, the University has arranged to purchase some of the assets and memorabilia, including the wooden bar, signage, and tables to ensure that they can be preserved and used at future University events and, potentially, at a future venue.

  • What will the University do with these assets?
    The University will look for opportunities to use the assets at future events with students and alumni, either on-campus or elsewhere.

  • How will the University honor the closing of The Hut?
    The Alumni Association is working to schedule a series of “Last Call” events to ensure that all members of our community have an opportunity to share one last celebration to honor and say farewell to an old friend.A website to share memories of The Hut has been developed. Visit http://www.scu.edu/alumni/thehut.

  • Does the University own the land?
    No, the university does not own the land and does not currently have plans to purchase it.

  • Does the University own the business?
    No, the university does not own the business and does not currently have plans to purchase it. 

  • Could a group of Alumni purchase The Hut?
    This would be up to the current land and business owners.

  • What will happen to the Dads & Grads celebration?
    To continue this long-standing Bronco tradition, the University will work with members of the Class of 2017 to develop an alternate plan in conjunction with Commencement.