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Conscientious Capitalism

Leavey School of Business students learn firsthand how to apply personal virtues and purpose in their careers.

The combination of insights from leaders sharing their own journeys and the mentoring students receive will provide ongoing self-discovery and a framework students can use to lead themselves and others in an increasingly global and complex business environment.

The Conscientious Capitalism Initiative features case studies and lectures by former CEOs and executive leaders. The goal of our initiative is to give students the tools and frameworks for applying virtue and purpose to their personal development and their growth as business leaders.

The initiative is being offered through a partnership between Leavey School of Business and the Center for Conscientious Leadership-an organization founded and led by Chip Adams, former managing partner at Rosewood Capital, who is a former executive at Under Armour and current board member there and at several private companies.

The Conscientious Capitalism curriculum is a strong fit with the Jesuit values of Santa Clara and the mission of the Leavey School.

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