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2012-0101 [San Jose Mercury News]: Silicon Valley innovation

Innovation isn't always (some would argue isn't usually) mind-boggling or even all that original. Innovation doesn't always result in a thing. Sometimes it's a process. Innovation is about seeing something and realizing it can be used in a different way or in a different place -- or that with hard work it can be brought to the next level. Innovation isn't always accepted immediately. But at some point users must embrace it if it's going to be good for anything. And innovation doesn't always require genius.

This is good news for most of us. Andy Tsay, an SCU business professor, says he frequently talks to his MBA students about this very notion.

"Most of them are not engineers and most of them can never hope to have some breakthrough technology," Tsay says. "I just encourage them to open their eyes to all the things they see, the simple processes around them, whether it's in grocery stores or the subway or wherever."

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