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Tsay Media Appearances

2014-1001 [EMSNow; Technology Forecasters Blog]: A Welcome and Honest New Book on Outsourcing the Supply Chain

This is the transcript of a full interview with Professor Tsay in conjunction with the publication of his new book, Designing and Controlling the Outsourced Supply Chain (download free PDF), from NOW Publishers.

Read this reprint of the article:

EMSNow is the leading online publication dedicated to the people and businesses in the Electronics Manufacturing industry. With tens of thousands of focused readers every month, EMSNow provides daily content, breaking most stories before any other publication.

Technology Forecasters Inc. (TFI) blogs with insights about upcoming trends on global manufacturing, outsourcing, and sustainable electronics.  In addition to TFI's loyal audience of several thousand, the blog posts are read by tens of thousands of subscribers to and